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A prominent iPod recovery tool on Windows 7

The iPod is an all in one gadget formed and marketed by Apple Company. IPod can show the photos with some other file formats like JPEG, JPG, PICT, TIFF, PINN, GIF, PSD, JPG2000, JP2, SGI, and BMP etc. iPod can start to play the audio songs with some other file formats like AAC, Protected AAC, HE – AAC, MP3 VBR, MP3, Audible, Apple Lossless, Audible Enhanced Audio, AIFF, and WAV etc. The playback quality file formats based on iPod are M4V, MP4, MOV, H.264 video, and MPEG – 4 etc. Apple offers several models in iPod such as, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod touch, and iPod Classic. IPod provides with various applications including iTunes Music Store, App Store, iBooks, Mobile Me, Game Center etc. By making use of iTunes application, it is possible to transfer the media files like photos, videos, games, contact info, e-mail settings in between different iPods. IPod classic has additional features such as text files can be displayed, contacts could be synchronized having a host computer, inbuilt games like brick, solitaire, and music quiz can be obtained, and adjustable screen brightness etc.

Loss in media files including image, video and audio files for the iPod may occur due to various situations like corruption of iPod, errors in connecting the iPod, accidentally restoring iPod, frozen iPod, improper synchronization using the iTunes application, and abruptly ejecting iPod during the file transmission process etc. To recover deleted photos and other media files from the iPod, it needs to perform iPod deleted files recovery process using a good iPod recovery tool. Some case scenarios by which loss of media files might be occurred are as follows.

Suppose photos of size 1GB are stored on an iPod, which is attached to the USB port from the computer by using USB data cable. This connection is made to copy the photos from the iPod onto the hard drive. Consider photos being copied by using cut and paste command if you accidentally unplug the iPod from your USB port then file transmission process is interrupted. This sort of situation can lead to a likelihood of photo loss around the iPod. Then no need to fret because with the help of this tool you can retrieve iPod music on Windows 7.

Accidentally restoring iPod will erase all of your media files like images, songs, and videos. In the event you restore iPod this process cannot be undone and yes it can result in lack of media files about the iPod.

If your iPod’s music database, which is iTunes DB, is corrupted then the iTunes application will not recognize the device or assist it. When iTunes application does not recognize iPod, it requests to restore iPod by making use of “Restore” option. These kinds of situation can lead to freezing of iPod and therefore media files present on the iPod become inaccessible. It also used to employ iPod recovery tool for Mac operating systems.

To recover deleted or lost media files from the iPod, media recovery process will likely be performed by utilizing a good iPod recovery tool. Download the demo version of this software and do the iPod software review by making the trial. It is efficient in retrieving the deleted or lost media files with some other file formats from the four major types of iPod like iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod mini and iPod classic.