Get Back Files after Disk Format

Storage drives need File System to maintain the files and folder structure on the computer. The drive can be formatted with different File System for the different functionalities on the files. Sometimes you need to format the drive for various reasons that are discussed ahead in the article. When you format the drive, the record of the files and folders on the journal of the File System will be deleted. The storage space on the drive is denoted as writable. All the files from the user interface will be lost. Hence, you should back up the files before formatting the drive.

You can reformat the disk also. If you have FAT File System on your drive but want to store more files on the drive but the limit is only 4 GB. In that case, you can format the drive with NTFS. This enables you to store more data on the computer. If you have not backed up the data on the drive then you will lose those files. If you had any important files on the drive then you may regret for not keeping the copy of the file. Do not worry. You can retrieve file after format using recovery software. File Recovery Tool helps you to recover files from the drive of the computer.

Some of the scenarios in which the drive of the computer is formatted:

Remove viruses: The files on the drive may be infected by viruses and the viruses are not getting removed by the anti-virus program. In that case, you may need to format the drive to remove the viruses. You will lose the files in that situation.

Delete drive data: If you have lots of unwanted data on the drive then it is the easy way to remove those files permanently by formatting. If you want to get back the files after formatting then you can use the recovery tool.

Unintentional format: You may format the disk unintentionally. You may be trying to perform some other action on the disk drive. In that situation, you will lose the files on the drive. You can rescue files after disk format using File Recovery Tool.

Formatting wrong drive: You may format the wrong drive sometimes. You may not be having any other source of the drive data. You will lose the entire disk drive data. In that situation, you need proper recovery too to get back data from the disk.

Important features of File Recovery Tool:

The File Recovery Tool helps you to recover files after disk format. The software has simple user interface and hence anyone can recover files using the software. The software supports NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT disk drive recovery. If you are a Mac user then there is a different build of the software to recover files from Mac computers. This enables you to recover formatted HFSX and HFS+ drives. You can retrieve files after factory reset using the software. The software helps you save your time with speedy scanning mechanism. Try the demo version of the software for practical experience.

Best way to get back music from iPod

IPods are the premium music players obtainable by Apple. IPod has the capability to offer outdoor data storage. iPod can administer and even out music files along with photos, video of different file format and interment browsing. iPods are handy device to listen to the music. So you can accumulate most recollected songs on your iPod. But sometimes, there is a risk of deleting or losing of iPod files from iPod. Once crucial music files are deleted then, you may be concerned, and probing for a way to pull through songs from iPod. Here is excellent tool for iPod revival to reclaim complete deleted / lost songs effectively. First we have to be focus on data loss scenarios of iPod.

Common causes to mislay music from iPod:-

  • Internet connection breakdown: – You always need an internet service to revise the iPod during updating of iPod, you could face some predicament like, unexpected extrication of internet, in such a case iPod could fairly updated and results to the  corruption of music files and other data.
  • IPod may crash to cause data loss: – If iPod crashes due to any volatile reasons, then it stops reacting to the user. Then, iPod may tend to inaccessibility and upshots in data loss. This type of calamity might take place due to corrupt file system in iPods.
  •  Sudden power supply breakdown: – When you are assigning music or other files between iPods and computer, then if the power supply stops working rapidly or might be devastating, and then there is a panorama of sleaze of iPod data. Due to this corrupted files may be inaccessible.
  • Inadequate synchronization process: – Due to incomplete synchronization process, the whole files from iPod may be violated and results in data loss.
  • Sudden removal of iPod from the system: – You may endeavor to data from computer to iPod, that time if it is disconnected unpredictably or the power could stop working, then the music files may be unapproachable and results in data loss.

This iPod revival software makes practicable to bring back all deleted / lost files from your iPod. This recuperation tool is exceptionally skilled with the help of inbuilt algorithms and prevailing scan engine. It is capable of music recovery from iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle etc. It won’t contrast other unchanged files. The regained files will be arranged in suitable place with date, size and name. It can cleanly recall songs of various file types like AVI, MOV, MP3, MP4, and WAV etc.

You are gifted to keep on the restoration progression at any time using “Save Recovery Session” option available in it; this is convinced that you must not to rescan your iPods to recognize lost / deleted files. It can guide you how to carry out corrupt iPod music recovery.

Download the demo edition of this tool which is obtainable to make sure its revitalization capability. It has the facility to get back all deleted files and provides you “Preview” option to sight deleted files from iPod.  This demo edition scans complete iPods storage and recuperates all mislaid data. In order to put aside all the recuperated files, you must have to pay for the complete edition of this software. Thus to restore lost music files from iPod, you must have to use it.

A prominent iPod recovery tool on Windows 7

The iPod is an all in one gadget formed and marketed by Apple Company. IPod can show the photos with some other file formats like JPEG, JPG, PICT, TIFF, PINN, GIF, PSD, JPG2000, JP2, SGI, and BMP etc. iPod can start to play the audio songs with some other file formats like AAC, Protected AAC, HE – AAC, MP3 VBR, MP3, Audible, Apple Lossless, Audible Enhanced Audio, AIFF, and WAV etc. The playback quality file formats based on iPod are M4V, MP4, MOV, H.264 video, and MPEG – 4 etc. Apple offers several models in iPod such as, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod touch, and iPod Classic. IPod provides with various applications including iTunes Music Store, App Store, iBooks, Mobile Me, Game Center etc. By making use of iTunes application, it is possible to transfer the media files like photos, videos, games, contact info, e-mail settings in between different iPods. IPod classic has additional features such as text files can be displayed, contacts could be synchronized having a host computer, inbuilt games like brick, solitaire, and music quiz can be obtained, and adjustable screen brightness etc.

Loss in media files including image, video and audio files for the iPod may occur due to various situations like corruption of iPod, errors in connecting the iPod, accidentally restoring iPod, frozen iPod, improper synchronization using the iTunes application, and abruptly ejecting iPod during the file transmission process etc. To recover deleted photos and other media files from the iPod, it needs to perform iPod deleted files recovery process using a good iPod recovery tool. Some case scenarios by which loss of media files might be occurred are as follows.

Suppose photos of size 1GB are stored on an iPod, which is attached to the USB port from the computer by using USB data cable. This connection is made to copy the photos from the iPod onto the hard drive. Consider photos being copied by using cut and paste command if you accidentally unplug the iPod from your USB port then file transmission process is interrupted. This sort of situation can lead to a likelihood of photo loss around the iPod. Then no need to fret because with the help of this tool you can retrieve iPod music on Windows 7.

Accidentally restoring iPod will erase all of your media files like images, songs, and videos. In the event you restore iPod this process cannot be undone and yes it can result in lack of media files about the iPod.

If your iPod’s music database, which is iTunes DB, is corrupted then the iTunes application will not recognize the device or assist it. When iTunes application does not recognize iPod, it requests to restore iPod by making use of “Restore” option. These kinds of situation can lead to freezing of iPod and therefore media files present on the iPod become inaccessible. It also used to employ iPod recovery tool for Mac operating systems.

To recover deleted or lost media files from the iPod, media recovery process will likely be performed by utilizing a good iPod recovery tool. Download the demo version of this software and do the iPod software review by making the trial. It is efficient in retrieving the deleted or lost media files with some other file formats from the four major types of iPod like iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod mini and iPod classic.

How to Repair Corrupted Outlook PST files?

Nowadays there are wide varieties of applications offered to communicate with one another for business as well as for personal purposes. To fulfill end user requirements, Microsoft introduces an application called MS Outlook, which is highly preferred by many consumers for fastest mode of communication. Outlook consists of mailbox, calendars, contacts, tasks, appointments, settings, RSS feeds, notes, journals and so on.  It stores entire data in a single file known as PST (Personal Storage Table) file. Since, Outlook uses single file to store all its contents; it is easy to access data and change any settings on it.

Microsoft Outlook is also sometimes prone to errors, thus it becomes inaccessible to user. In such situation PST file get corrupt and ends up with loss of valuable information present on it. So, to overcome from data loss Microsoft offers Index Repair Tool that is Scanpst.exe to fix corrupted personal folder. However, it is not possible to repair PST file that is corrupted severely. In case if your Outlook PST file gets corrupted badly, then go for PST files repair software. By this tool you can efficiently fix damaged PST file. You can also recover deleted email from PST file. There are several reasons, which lead to corruption of PST.

Let us discuss the main reasons for corruption of PST file:

  • Closing Outlook application abnormally results in corruption of personal folder. For example, if you close Outlook window before ending the process of sending / receiving mails, saving some data on PST file or while changing some settings, then it may results into corruption of PST files.
  • If PST file exceed its size, then it gets corrupt. Therefore, you may lose access to the Outlook application.
  • While upgrading older version of MS Outlook to latest version due to some compatibility errors, PST files may get corrupt.
  • Virus infection becomes the major reason for PST file corruption. If any viruses or malwares enter in your system through external storage devices then all applications including Microsoft Outlook gets infected by these malwares. Sometimes downloading virus infected email attachment from Outlook makes a way to pass virus into PC. These malware or spyware corrupts entire system, thus your Outlook PST files get corrupt. So, this leads to loss on important and confidential email, notes, journals, etc.
  • Upgrading or reinstalling Windows Operating System also one of the tendency, which causes damage to Outlook personal folder.

Whenever you lose access to your Outlook account, don’t be panic. Be cool!! It is possible to repair PST files that get corrupted in any kind of critical scenario by using Repair corrupt PST file software. You may point out the reason that damages Outlook PST file by onscreen error messages.

Instructions to be followed:

Try to use updated anti-virus application, don’t terminate MS Outlook applications abruptly. Make use of external power supply while upgrade or installing OS or Outlook application to system to prevent sudden power surge. Use reliable and well-organized Outlook PST Repair tool. It is advised not to install this software from where a corrupted .pst file is stored, to avoid overwriting of data.

PST Repair utility fixes the corrupted PST file of MS Outlook and recovers all items such as emails, contact list, calendar items, meeting requests, scheduled appointments, notes, journals, etc. If scanpst.exe repair tool is unable to mend severely damaged PST file, then you can make use of this utility to fix that PST file. By using this application, it is possible to repair password protected Outlook PST files. It is also capable to fix .pst file that gets corrupted due to header file corruption, exchange server error, low internet connections, etc. PST Repair tool can also repair damaged PST file Outlook 2010 and also Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2013 etc. You can repair PST file on various versions of Windows Operating System versions like Windows 98, Vista, XP, 7, 8 and so on.

You can practice demo version of this application before buying licensed version. The demo version scans complete hard disk drive; once scanning is finished you can preview recovered files. Through demo version, you don’t have authority to save previewed items of PST files. In order to save them you have to own paid version.

Profound Software to Restore Files from Windows 7

Windows 7 is been launched by Microsoft recently and is recognized for its simple easy to use interface. Today they are used in the business and home purpose in a significantly large population. Windows 7 has a Task bar making the navigation a whole lot easier compared to previous versions. The safety and file management features in this version where improved compared to previous versions.

Since this version offered great reliable features, some of them started navigating for this version. However when population of users started increasing, many started facing loss of data problems on their own system due to the mistakes committed by software or humans. Let’s consider a conference that you have experience when using your Windows 7 system. You’re assigned an undertaking task to be completed within the next day. You sat whole night and completed your hard work. On the following day prior to deciding to submit them to your higher authority it suited you to possess a check and opened your related files. To your misfortune, as a result of some problems in the wiring, your system shut down abruptly causing abnormal termination of file. Later, after restarting the device you might find your files missing. You apparently get frustrated at this time pondering about your job. In such times, recovery tools like Windows 7 Recovery relates to your relief by performing a deleted data recovery. Read much more about the mentioned software in the later part of this article before that permit to talk about some situations where you lose files from system

Let’s undergo many of the scenarios which cause lack of files from Windows 7

Alteration of registry settings: Every Windows OS possess a registry which records and keeps every piece of information in connection with programs as well as other data from the system. Users sometimes make some changes to it, to attain some task of installation. In the method we will need to be careful since an insufficient knowledge on this could make your whole body drives inaccessible and contributes to large amount of information loss.

Virus attack: Virus infections include the most typical scenario encountered at specific times during system usage period. They infect the body when you download files from suspicious sites or connect a previously infected drive; the malware infects the files on Windows 7 system and make file inaccessible by renaming, duplicating and deleting them. Hence, it’s always advised to scan your drives any time you connect these drives to computer.

Interruption in cut paste process: A lot of them might have used cut paste option while copying personal files. Using this option deletes the files through the source and copies these to the destination folder or location. However this can result in an intense data loss condition when the process gets interrupted by events such as power surge, improper wiring etc.

Some of the steps to be followed in order to avoid data loss:

• Always store files in additional than the usual device or location. Doing this will assist you to retrieve files at times of information since you have a extra copy of file available when needed

• Use a updated and powerful algorithm to scan your oral appliance ensure that it stays far from malware infections

• Always possess a connected UPS to your Windows 7 OS. This protects your files from loss on account of abnormal termination

Using Windows 7 Recovery tool in the data loss scenarios provides you with a relief by recovering your files within a short duration. This may also perform file recovery on SD card, MMC card, XD card as well as other hard drives. In addition, it facilitates a possibility to restore your files and provides its preview. Other than Windows 7 they could be placed on Window XP, 7, 8, Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008 and Mac systems like Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion.

It equips very good algorithms than features a capacity to recover windows 7 files of various format types like video, audio, animations, pictures, video, audio etc. As soon as the file is recovered with the aid of this tool you’ll be able to save them on any location of your own wish. So don’t wait anymore just download the unit and carry out a recovery and acquire the files by the due date before it gets overwritten


Easy Way to Recover Lost Documents from Hard Drive

Hard disk drive is the vital component of computer. It can store Kilo bytes, Mega bytes, Giga bytes, and Tera Bytes of data depending upon user requirements. Generally it is used to preserve important files and folders. Due to its very huge data storage capacity people store large sized text files or documents including image files, movie files, music files, etc. Thus, if any data loss occurs, then it becomes frustrating issue. HD Recovery application is best utility that allows you to retrieve documents from system hard drive.

Let us consider a real time scenario, where a student is in hurry to install dual Operating Systems on his PC. But, he don’t have complete knowledge about installation process, due to lack of awareness he skips some of steps during installation process. Thus, after installation system prompting error messages saying missing some files. Due to this he lost access to his system, this leads to loss of entire data stored on it. This type of data loss scenario throws you into depression. It is not necessary to worry, you can recover documents from hard drive with the help of My Hard Drive Recover software. System user may face this kind of data loss or deletion issues in their daily life. Let us consider some of data missing scenarios.

Formatting hard drive: If you press Format option on system intentionally or unintentionally, then the entire data stored on disk memory space get erase. Generally, users intentionally format the system due to severe virus or malware attack, because he doesn’t have another option. Sometime user might unknowingly or unintentionally formats the HD that holds essential documents, favorite movies, songs, games purchased from internet. So, to retrieve formatted HDD data, this reliable Hard Drive Recovery utility can be preferred. If you eager to restore lost documents from hard drive instantly, then view this site:

Shift + Delete operation: Usually system Recycle Bin holds all deleted files on system. But, documents that are deleted using Shift + Delete keys bypass the Recycle Bin storage space and it is impossible to restore those files. In such condition, if you accidentally press Shift + Deletion keys on some important documents, then permanent deletion takes place.

RAW hard drive: If you handle hard drive improperly or it get corrupted due to malwares, then it becomes RAW. Thus, it can be isolated means all documents stored on it becomes inaccessible. No need to worry above mentioned utility successfully restores RAW hard drive data.

Emptying Recycle Bin: Most of the user checks Recycle Bin, if they do not found any files after searching on system drives, because deleted or missing files moved to Recycle Bin automatically. While opening Recycle Bin to restore some necessary files, if user finger slips on “Empty Recycle Bin” option, then it leads to loss of files that are accumulated on Recycle Bin folder.

Other reasons: MBR corruption, bad sector formation on hard drive, blue screen dumping, partition corruption, and improper file system conversion, etc.

Key features of Hard Drive Recovery utility:

  • This software has been specially developed with innovative built-in algorithms that support hard drive data restoration.
  • Its simple and friendly interface helps to retrieve lost or deleted documents from any complex data loss scenarios within less span of time.
  • Restores files based on file name, size, format, data of creation, etc.
  • Supports to rescue lost data from different types of hard drives such as IDE, SATA, SCSI, etc. To know more information about data recovery on various types of hard drives visit this page.
  • It can also recover lost data from formatted or deleted RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 partitions.
  • Hard drive recovery application restores missing files from removable storage devices such as memory cards (SD cards, XD cards, CF cards, MMC, etc.), pen drives, memory sticks, FireWire drive, etc.
  • It has capability to recover documents from various version of Windows Operating System such as Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

Free demo version is available on company website make use of it before purchasing licensed version. You can verify recovery results by this version.



How to recover file from corrupted NTFS drive

Have you ever faced such situation where you lose your NTFS drive data due to drive corruption? And still hunting for a way to recover it back? Then stop wondering! Here is your solution. Trough NTFS file recovery tool you can recover your corrupt NTFS drive at your fingertips. Before switching to NTFS drive recovery, let’s have an overview on what is NTFS?

NTFS file system an upgraded version of FAT file system. NTFS has several improvements over FAT like improved support for metadata, reliability, disk space utilization and advanced data structures to with additional features, such as access control lists and file system journaling. The NTFS disk partitioning is suitable for making multiple partitions on computer hard disk. Users can store important files like images, pictures, texts, database tables and labels.

It has the ability to automatically repair and rescue the hard drive from various drive related errors. In-spite of all these impressive features, still data loss from a NTFS drive is common among the Windows users.

Some most common reasons for file loss from NTFS drive are listed below:

  • Corruption of NTFS file allocation table (ACL).
  • Hard drive failure due to power variations.
  • MBR (Master boot record) corruption makes the partition inaccessible.
  • Errors encountered, while converting hard drive file system.
  • Improper shutting down of the system when the file is in use.
  • Repetitive re-formatting NTFS hard drive partition, sometime ends with data loss.
  • Due to third party application software conflicting with your OS, leading to file deletion.

In case you come across any of the above mentioned circumstances, at that time data backups are really important and can save you from a lot of troubles. Whether you have deleted some important files from NTFS partition or lost few of them or even formatted the entire NTFS drive; backup can be used to restore them back.

To avoid file corruption follow some safety measures:

  • Install upgraded version of antivirus program in your system.
  • In case of external drive, avoid connecting external drive with already infected PC.
  • While converting file system, don’t skip the process in between.
  • To avoid sudden system termination use strong power source.
  • Create a backup of your crucial files.

What to do if above precautions doesn’t works?

After following safety measures if still you suffering from NTFS drive corruption problem then without wasting time go for advance data recovery software. NTFS file recovery tool is the most recommended tool to perform NTFS drive recovery. Using this tool, NTFS recovery became very easy and simple. With tool you can recover different files such as music and video files (WMV, MPG, AVS, AMR, ASF, ASX, MIDI, and etc.), images files(GIF,PNG, JPG,JPEG, and etc), text documents( DOC, PDF, XLSX), databases, emails and etc. Recovers lost deleted files/folders from NTFS file systems (NTFS4 & NTFS5) partitions. The utility supports all versions of Window OS such as Windows 2000, 98, XP, Vista, and 7. Check out this site to know more about the tool

How to use this tool?

Download and install the NTFS file recovery software on healthy PC. Launch the Application and connect you NTFS drive with it. Select Recover Partitions option and then choose Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery. Software shows the list of partitions from which it can recover lost files. Select corrupted NTFS partition here. NTFS Recovery software starts scanning the selected partition to locate and retrieve lost files. Preview the recovered files. If you are happy with the results obtained using trial version, then buy the licensed version to save recovered files. Don’t save the file on the same drive from where you are recovering it, as it will overwrites your drive data and cause permanent file loss. The software also provides option to compress files in order to save memory.







Recover Mac data after failure of Restore disk

With the advent of the new version of Mac OS X series of operating systems, called Snow Leopard, every Mac user wanted to upgrade his system to this new version. The Snow Leopard can be installed and made use of in most of the older computers, but in some cases, there are bound to be issues with the working of the operating system. This may also lead to system malfunction, resulting in permanent loss of valuable data.

To restore the system back to its previous good configuration, you can make use of the Disk Utility feature that is included in Mac. This is done, by creating a virtual disk of the entire hard drive, and copying the contents of the hard drive, once it has been restored. However, the disk utility requires you to keep a backup of all the data, to avoid losing out on the data. The failure to take a backup results in data loss, making the role of a Mac hard drive recovery software, essential in such cases.

REMO Recover (Mac) Pro Edition software lets you recover Mac data from such data loss scenarios, by connecting the affected hard drive as a secondary slave to a healthy system. This Mac data recovery software also lets you recover files that have been lost or deleted even from volumes that are missing or lost. The software also lets you recover missing or deleted HFS+ and HFSX volumes.

Recovering lost/deleted data from a Mac machine

The Mac OS X is considered to be one of the most stable operating systems. But, even this operating system, cannot assure you of absolutely no data loss. Whatever the Operating system, there is always a chance that data loss will take place. The most common reason for loss of files in a Mac machine is accidental deletion, followed by loss due to virus attacks and malware. In most cases, if there haven’t been too many Read/Write operations after the loss of data, the lost data can still be recovered using a good Mac recovery software.

In the earlier days, the data recovery process used to be a lengthy and complicated process, and could be performed successfully only by some highly technically skilled person, who was an expert in the data recovery field. Nowadays, there are innumerable software available for recovery of data. These do not require the user to be technically skilled for their usage, and hence make recovery process, a very simple task.

REMO Recover (Mac) Pro Edition software, is a specially designed Mac recovery software for Mac machine users. It lets the user recover data from lost/deleted volumes. The software also lets the user perform an advanced file search, for better recovery results.

Recovering deleted Mac files

Even though Mac OS X is considered as the most powerful, safest and secure operating system, it doesn’t mean that it should not suffer data loss. Data loss can happen due to several reasons. Few of them are noted below:

  • MDB (Master Directory Block) corruption, in which you would not be able to open the stored files.
  • Accidental deletion of files. We often tend to accidentally delete some of our important and critical data.
  • Emptying Trash Bins. Though you have emptied the trash bin files on Mac OS X, deleted files can be recovered as long as OS X has not re-used the directory and cataloged the information yet. You have the best chance of recovering your deleted files if you scan your Mac immediately after realizing that you have deleted the important files you need. The main advantage of HFS+ file system used by the Mac OS X is that it does make some sort of effort to keep accidentally deleted files recoverable.

No matter that your data can be lost due to any reason but this is also true that lost or deleted files can be recovered using some influential Mac Recovery Software. You should be careful enough in choosing the right software. One of the best software is REMO Mac Data Recovery Software, which recovers lost and deleted data from HFS+, HFSX file systems on Mac OS X.

Deleted Mac files can easily be rescued using the powerful Mac File Recovery Software. Using the trial version of this software you can check your Mac computer for its file recovery potential.

This Mac file recovery software uses significant non-destructive read only data recovery mechanism to recover lost data which prevents from permanent data loss.

There are few essential preventive steps that have to be followed firmly in case of deletion of files in order to increase the chances of successful deleted file recovery.

  • As soon as you realize that important files have been accidentally deleted, do not use the drive or volume further.
  • Do not copy, download or install any Mac Recovery software on the same volume or drive as is damaged.