Digital Camera Memory Card Data Recovery

It will be a shocking situation that the digital camera you just bought can only have a limited place to store pictures and also taking much time to capture picture. Most of the older digital are having such problem. To overcome from this Lexar launched memory card with high storage capacity and high speed. Lexar memory card has gained much popularity in market in very less time due to its high performance. It uses the same speed rating as CD- Rom has.

But nothing is perfect in this world, theses memory card are reliable but not 100% secure. These memory cards also get corrupts due to some data loss reasons. Carelessness always results in severe data loss. Along with this there are many more scenarios which are not in our control like sudden shut down of camera, cards fails to detect due to corruption and many more.

Assume while using your memory card in your new digital camera, the camera suddenly turns off. After returning to home you connect with your PC or laptop and what you find some of your good photos are missing. After losing your precious data you got upset, as you don’t know the way to recover it. If this is what really you’re facing, then don’t get upset you can easily recover your data back by using digital camera card recovery tool.

Additional to this there are many more scenarios which might cause data loss from your camera memory card:-

  • Power failure in between while transferring data.
  • File system get corrupt due to virus attack.
  • Some time we ignore warning message like low battery card isn’t connected properly also results in the information loss.
  • Using the same card in several devices which are already connected.
  • Some time we remove card without selecting safely remove wizard.
  • Copying file without checking available space could cause data loss.

Precautions which must be follow to avoid the above scenarios

  • Don’t remove card without using “safety remove hardware” option when card is attached to the PC.
  • As the skipping of trash storage happens, so deletion of files should be done carefully.
  • Maintain a backup of the important documents.
  • Use antivirus program on your PC to shield it against the virus or malware attack. Update antivirus once inside a month.
  • Create a backup of your important document and store it in some reliable storage medium.

To cope up from data loss scenarios without worrying much, use digital camera card recovery software. It is 100% safe; it can easily recover lost data from your camera memory card. This software can even recover data from formatted or reformatted memory card. Recover Lexar memory card data became very easy, with this tool. With this tool can recover raw photos taken by DSLR cameras. It’s compatible with all of the versions of Windows and Mac. It is having facility to preview recovered image. It’s also having a feature in order to save recovery session which helps to avoid rescanning of the memory card. To recover your lost data download free trial version of this tool from internet.