Easiest Way of Retrieving Lost Pictures from NTFS Partition

In this digital era, almost all the people are fond of capturing precious memories of their childhood, schooldays and unforgettable events by means of clicking photos. In order to accomplish this, you can make use of camera, mobile phone, camcorders or any other digital device. By connecting digital camera to computer, you can transfer all your captured images and view them when required. Computers with Windows operating system are extensively used as they provide user friendly interface and offers various advanced features in comparison with other OS. It makes use of NTFS (New Technology File System) to store the files in most effective way as it is reliable and saves the data with high security.

Most of the people think that whatever the data stored on these NTFS partitions are safe and will remain secure for lifetime. Actually, this is not the case. Though they secure the data, but there are cases in which you might lose your precious photo files stored on these NTFS partitions. However, need not worry much about the lost pictures!!! With the help of NTFS recovery tool, you can retrieve lost photos from NTFS drive just within a couple of minutes.

Common photo loss reasons from NTFS partition:

  • Accidentally deleting some precious photo files from NTFS drive while erasing unlikable pics by making use of “Delete All” button would result in huge loss of files.
  • By mistake formatting important NTFS partition loaded with valuable pictures instead of formatting virus infected drive will lead to heavy loss of files stored in that particular NTFS drive leading to data loss.
  • While re-sizing existing partition or creating new partitions, there are chances that you might delete the present partitions leading to loss of files and folders stored on that specific partition resulting in data loss. By using NTFS recovery tool, you can find deleted NTFS partition on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and on Windows 8 operating system computers.
  • Deleting images from NTFS drive by making use of “Shift+Delete” commands will not move the deleted photos to Recycle Bin instead it bypasses causing loss of files.
  • Other reasons behind photo loss are virus attack, power surges, file system corruption, etc.

Always have proper backup of valuable images and save them on appropriate storage media so that when you get stuck under data loss situation, you can easily restore them. Also, do not write new files onto NTFS partition from where you lost your precious photos to prevent overwriting of lost pictures in turn helps in recovery.

However, if you lost pictures from NTFS drive because of any of the reason mentioned then need not panic and use NTFS recovery program that will help you out to regain all your lost photos and other files just in few simple clicks. The software not only supports NTFS drive but can even perform file restoration on FAT16, FAT32 and EXFAT file system partitions. It comes in-built with scanning engine that scans the whole NTFS partition drive to identify file types and rescues lost pictures by using their unique file signature.

Download the free trial version of NTFS recovery toolkit and do the installation on the Windows computer’s hard drive. Double click the shortcut desktop icon to run the installed recovery tool. Now choose “Recover Photos” from the main screen and then select “Recover Lost Photos” option from the next window screen. Select the logical drive on which you want to carry out lost image recovery. Once the software completes scanning of the drive, it displays the list of restored photos and you can estimate the performance of the software. In case you’re fully satisfied with the retrieved pictures then you can buy the full version online.