Get Back Files after Disk Format

Storage drives need File System to maintain the files and folder structure on the computer. The drive can be formatted with different File System for the different functionalities on the files. Sometimes you need to format the drive for various reasons that are discussed ahead in the article. When you format the drive, the record of the files and folders on the journal of the File System will be deleted. The storage space on the drive is denoted as writable. All the files from the user interface will be lost. Hence, you should back up the files before formatting the drive.

You can reformat the disk also. If you have FAT File System on your drive but want to store more files on the drive but the limit is only 4 GB. In that case, you can format the drive with NTFS. This enables you to store more data on the computer. If you have not backed up the data on the drive then you will lose those files. If you had any important files on the drive then you may regret for not keeping the copy of the file. Do not worry. You can retrieve file after format using recovery software. File Recovery Tool helps you to recover files from the drive of the computer.

Some of the scenarios in which the drive of the computer is formatted:

Remove viruses: The files on the drive may be infected by viruses and the viruses are not getting removed by the anti-virus program. In that case, you may need to format the drive to remove the viruses. You will lose the files in that situation.

Delete drive data: If you have lots of unwanted data on the drive then it is the easy way to remove those files permanently by formatting. If you want to get back the files after formatting then you can use the recovery tool.

Unintentional format: You may format the disk unintentionally. You may be trying to perform some other action on the disk drive. In that situation, you will lose the files on the drive. You can rescue files after disk format using File Recovery Tool.

Formatting wrong drive: You may format the wrong drive sometimes. You may not be having any other source of the drive data. You will lose the entire disk drive data. In that situation, you need proper recovery too to get back data from the disk.

Important features of File Recovery Tool:

The File Recovery Tool helps you to recover files after disk format. The software has simple user interface and hence anyone can recover files using the software. The software supports NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT disk drive recovery. If you are a Mac user then there is a different build of the software to recover files from Mac computers. This enables you to recover formatted HFSX and HFS+ drives. You can retrieve files after factory reset using the software. The software helps you save your time with speedy scanning mechanism. Try the demo version of the software for practical experience.