Here’s The Process of Damaged Partition Recovery in Windows 10

recover damaged partition windows 10“Hi friends, few days ago while partitioning my hard disk using Windows Disk Management Utility of Windows 10 computer, I accidently selected and deleted a vital partition which contains my entire personal data and I tried recuperating that deleted partition by using some of the recovery tools. But, none of it gave me the expected results, as most of the utility dint supported windows 10 OS. Can someone recommend me a trustworthy recovery tool to get back my data from deleted partition in Windows 10? Thanks in advance”.

Is your partition in Windows 10 have been lost? Have you lost all your files from the Windows 10 partition? Did you accidentally delete your partitions in Windows 10 operating system? Then don’t get worried a lot! Because, by simply referring this article you would come to know how to recover damaged partition Windows 10.

Scenarios that Leads to Partition Loss in Windows 10

1) Partition Table Corruption: Partition Table contains all the relative information about the partition on the computer, and if it gets corrupted / damaged due to some reasons. Then your computer partitions may get damaged as this leads to huge data loss.

2)Command Prompt: Sometimes accidental deletion of partition may occur while working on “Diskpart” option in command prompt on your Windows 10 computer.

3)Booting Problem:  During system startup you may get an error pop-up window on your monitor stating “Invalid Partition Table” or “Operation System not found” this may occur due to MBR corruption, which could results in the loss of partition in Windows 10.

4)Accidental Deletion: Suppose, while you are using your Disk Management Utility to resize, create, delete a partition during performing this task, you may unintentionally delete a valuable partition. This results in partition loss in Windows 10.

5)Other Reasons: Partition mat get damaged due to other reasons like power surge, header corruption, file system corruption, third party tools, wrong re-partitioning process etc.

How to Retrieve Damaged Partition Recovery in Windows 10

Irrespective of the above mentioned partition damage causes; you can easily recover damaged partitions by using the most preferred utility named as “Partitions Recovery software”. This tool is proficient of bring back data such as compressed files, documents, audio folders, media files, etc. from the damaged partition. It also recovers damaged windows 10 partition having file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT. Using this tool, you can recover partitions from IDE, SATA and SCSI hard drives. The Partitions Recovery software has capabilities to retrieve corrupted or damaged partitions from both internal and external HDDs of Windows 10 OS. In addition recovery of damaged partition, it can also use to rescue data from different types of storage devices like external HDDS, memory cards, pen drives, USB flash drives, and so on.


1)Never install the “Partitions Recovery software” on the same affected or damaged drive / partition.

2)Always perform backup of partition regularly to avoid data loss in hard drive.