How to recover file from corrupted NTFS drive

Have you ever faced such situation where you lose your NTFS drive data due to drive corruption? And still hunting for a way to recover it back? Then stop wondering! Here is your solution. Trough NTFS file recovery tool you can recover your corrupt NTFS drive at your fingertips. Before switching to NTFS drive recovery, let’s have an overview on what is NTFS?

NTFS file system an upgraded version of FAT file system. NTFS has several improvements over FAT like improved support for metadata, reliability, disk space utilization and advanced data structures to with additional features, such as access control lists and file system journaling. The NTFS disk partitioning is suitable for making multiple partitions on computer hard disk. Users can store important files like images, pictures, texts, database tables and labels.

It has the ability to automatically repair and rescue the hard drive from various drive related errors. In-spite of all these impressive features, still data loss from a NTFS drive is common among the Windows users.

Some most common reasons for file loss from NTFS drive are listed below:

  • Corruption of NTFS file allocation table (ACL).
  • Hard drive failure due to power variations.
  • MBR (Master boot record) corruption makes the partition inaccessible.
  • Errors encountered, while converting hard drive file system.
  • Improper shutting down of the system when the file is in use.
  • Repetitive re-formatting NTFS hard drive partition, sometime ends with data loss.
  • Due to third party application software conflicting with your OS, leading to file deletion.

In case you come across any of the above mentioned circumstances, at that time data backups are really important and can save you from a lot of troubles. Whether you have deleted some important files from NTFS partition or lost few of them or even formatted the entire NTFS drive; backup can be used to restore them back.

To avoid file corruption follow some safety measures:

  • Install upgraded version of antivirus program in your system.
  • In case of external drive, avoid connecting external drive with already infected PC.
  • While converting file system, don’t skip the process in between.
  • To avoid sudden system termination use strong power source.
  • Create a backup of your crucial files.

What to do if above precautions doesn’t works?

After following safety measures if still you suffering from NTFS drive corruption problem then without wasting time go for advance data recovery software. NTFS file recovery tool is the most recommended tool to perform NTFS drive recovery. Using this tool, NTFS recovery became very easy and simple. With tool you can recover different files such as music and video files (WMV, MPG, AVS, AMR, ASF, ASX, MIDI, and etc.), images files(GIF,PNG, JPG,JPEG, and etc), text documents( DOC, PDF, XLSX), databases, emails and etc. Recovers lost deleted files/folders from NTFS file systems (NTFS4 & NTFS5) partitions. The utility supports all versions of Window OS such as Windows 2000, 98, XP, Vista, and 7. Check out this site to know more about the tool

How to use this tool?

Download and install the NTFS file recovery software on healthy PC. Launch the Application and connect you NTFS drive with it. Select Recover Partitions option and then choose Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery. Software shows the list of partitions from which it can recover lost files. Select corrupted NTFS partition here. NTFS Recovery software starts scanning the selected partition to locate and retrieve lost files. Preview the recovered files. If you are happy with the results obtained using trial version, then buy the licensed version to save recovered files. Don’t save the file on the same drive from where you are recovering it, as it will overwrites your drive data and cause permanent file loss. The software also provides option to compress files in order to save memory.