How to recover lost partition from Mac

Macintosh or Mac is Personal Computers developed by Apple Corporation. Mac OS X is an operating system used in all Mac. There are various versions of Mac operating systems like Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther and many more. Mac stores the data in the hard drive and has two file systems like HFS and HFS+ for stored file manipulation. HFS+ file system is the improved version of HFS and also known as Mac OS extended. It supports much larger files and uses Unicode for naming the items (Files and folders).

There are many situations where data loss occurs in all the hard drives due to various technical and logical errors in the system. These are catalog files damage, accidental deletion of Mac volumes, corruption of Apple map partition, repair tool failure; volumes refuse to mount, volume header corruption, journal corruption and many more. No matter what is the reason, you can recover lost partition Mac data.

Here are the few scenarios where huge data loss can occur

  • Catalog file corruption:  Catalog file contains record of all the files and folders. Catalog file is a key element in the Mac operating system to access files and folders. There are times in which catalogue file gets corrupt. When the file gets corrupt, you are unable to access to the files on particular volume.
  • Corruption of volume header: Volume header contains indexes of all the files that are stored in particular volumes. When the volume header is corrupted, all the files in the volumes become inaccessible. This leads to huge data loss from the volume.
  • Accidental formatting the volume: when you plan to format the partition for reinstalling the operating system, you end up in formatting the wrong drive, which causes huge data loss from the wrong drive.

It is good to take few precautionary measures to avoid data loss caused to various reasons like taking backup of all the files, documents, pictures, videos that are required in an external hard drive.

Even after taking the precautionary measures, if you have lost the data, nothing to worry. There is a solution to recover the lost data from the hard drive. Whatever data has been lost will be invisible to the user and he cannot access to those files. So in order to recover those files from the hard drive there are software which can recover lost data. Softwares are widely available in the market but it is important to choose the precise one to recover the data without losing a bit of information. The most efficient tool to recover the lost data is Remo Recover (Mac)-Pro Edition. This software uses built in deep algorithms to scan the hard drive in order to recover the lost data. If you want to know how it works just try to download the demo version, if satisfied with the software then buy the full version of the software and save the recovered lost data from the hard drive.