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Outlook PST File Fixing Utility

Many of you don’t used to update antivirus within their system so due to this you will find lot of chances of your system get impacted by virus. Once your system infected by virus it won’t take a lot of time to affect with other stored files in system. Like this in case your Outlook PST file gets affected by virus then there are quite strong chances of loss of all stored data out of this Outlook PST file. Due to virus your files get deleted or corrupt with the result that you’ll become not able to access those lost and corrupted files. There is the just one means to access these files and also to repair Outlook PST and that way is to make use of Outlook repair software. Applying this software you are able to fix Outlook and you’re simply able to recover all lost data from PST file which is lost because of virus.

Outlook includes Microsoft product. You will find different versions are available in Outlook and they all are differentiated with storage capacity like, Outlook 2000 comes with 2 GB storage capacity, Outlook 2003 & 2007 comes with 20GB storage capacity, Outlook 2010 comes with 50 GB storage capacity. The stored data out of this PST file you might lose. Loss of data may be the common thing but many reasons exist behind these loss of data some of those reasons are like,

• During the conversion of PST file from old version to latest version of Outlook.
• Due to sharing same Outlook PST file over network.
• Due to oversize of PST file than its maximum storage capacity limit.
• Due to virus affected system.
• Due to abruptly switch off system without closing Outlook application.
• Due to PST file header corruption.
• Due to interruption during the PST file archiving.

These are the reasons due to which you might lose your PST file together with all contacts, mails, notes, journals, personal information etc. But when would like you’ll be able to avoid such problems for that you have to follow some precautionary steps, by utilizing these precautionary tips you can save your PST file. Some of those are like,

• Always keep updated antivirus in your system.
• Turn off your system while closing all open applications.
• Try to keep backup of the PST file daily.
• Don’t attempt to store more data in PST file than its maximum storage capacity.
• Use good power supply.

These are a few of the precautionary steps are mentioned previously you are able to take care to avoid loss of data. Still if you facing the same Outlook loss of data problem then in such case you can use Outlook repair software. This software helps you to repair and recover all of your lost and corrupted data from Outlook PST file. The software is available in free demo version. You are able to download this free demo version and you will preview your recovery result. By applying this Outlook recovery software you are able to recover all of your lost and corrupted mails, contacts, notes, journals, private data etc.