Perform Instant File Recovery Reinstalling Windows OS

Windows 8 is one of the latest operating systems launched by Microsoft. It is preferred by many users because of its user friendly nature. It is a multi-user operating system with a simple interface and good capability to handle various file formats. You can store data and access them whenever it is needed. Windows 8 includes brilliant features like user friendly interface, fast data processing etc. It has an improved Universal Windows apps, start screen, notification, etc along with the features of Windows 7 Operating Systems.


Even though Windows 8 Operating System is user friendly and easy to use, you may sometimes reinstall your operating system in some situations. At that time of reinstalling your operating system, there are chances for your files to be get deleted. If your files got deleted while reinstalling OS, you can perform instant file recovery reinstalling Windows OS with the help of My File Recovery software. It recovers files from deleted partitions with some special algorithm.

Some of the Reasons for Data Loss while Reinstalling Your Operating System:

  • Improper installation of OS: While installing operating system, if any sort of interruptions like abrupt shut down of computer, ejecting the OS disk from its drive, etc occurs before completion of OS installation, it may result in deletion of files from that computer. As an out come of this situation you have to reinstall your operating system.
  • Dual Booting: Sometimes, while trying to install dual Operating System, you may be asked to choose partition to install OS. At that time, you may select the partition which contains valuable data. As a result, the data in that partition may be deleted.
  • Bad Sectors: In some situation, the bad sectors present in your hard drive may be too high. As a result you may face a huge data loss. So, in order to avoid further data loss from your drive you may reinstall your operating system.
  • Other Reasons: Sometimes, you may delete some of your critical operating system files from your computer. As a result you may not be able to access your computer. In this situation you may be forced to reinstall your OS.

Attributes of this Software:

My File Recovery tool can recover your deleted data from RAID1, RAID0 and RAID5 deleted or formatted partitions using this tool. This tool creates disk images to recover the data from bad sectors. It can recover data from different types of hard disk, memory card, USB drives, etc. With the help of this tool you can recover files from partitions that are not getting mounted. It also restore files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT partitions / drives. Recovery of data that are lost during the installation Windows Operating System, files or partitions that are deleted while re-formatting hard drives. Compressed files from NTFS formatted drives can also be recovered. The recovered files and folders can be compressed as zip archives to avoid unwanted disk space.