Recover Lost Files After Blue Screen of Death Error

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)!! It is a Stop Error which no one wants to face. Normally, Blue Screen of Death error could be occurred as consequence of various reasons such as poor device drivers and malfunctioning of hardware like faulty memory, power supply issues, when hardware is running beyond its specified limits, overheating of devices, etc. This error can further called as bug check error screen and Blue Screen of Doom. This fatal error can be emerge due to internal system issues like incompatible DLL files or bugs are entered in the operating system kernel.

Whenever this Error occurs then your system may stops responding and fails to boot and all the data which is stored on your computer is become inaccessible. You can fix this issue by repairing or reinstalling the operating system which can ultimately lose entire data. Hence to get rid of this data loss scenario you may utilize the Computer File Recovery software which can easily recover lost files after Blue Screen of Death error. You can avoid BDOS error by regularly updating the operating system but in exceptional cases you fail to follow these precautions and met with an data loss due to Blue Screen of Death then don’t panic as this efficient tool will help you to get back the lost files from computer.

Common Reasons Behind occurrence of Blue Screen of Death:

  • Most of the times corruption of windows registry is the main reason behind occurrence of Blue Screen of Death. Corruption of windows registry will possibly make you unable to boot your computer system properly.
  • Hazardous Virus attack is responsible to cause BDOS error, virus intrusion will severely corrupt the hard drive which eventually cause to inaccessibility of hard drive and losing the files from hard drive.
  • Apart from these above reasons there are various other reasons which can lead to Blue Screen of Death like Bad sectors, performance overhead of the device, incompatibility of device drivers, adapter issues, etc.
  • Blue Screen of Death can occur as consequence of failure of kernel application, DLL file or booting file is missing.

One can avoid the occurrence of Blue Screen of Death by taking proper backup of all the crucial data from the hard drive. You can reduce the risk of BDOS error by upgrading the operating system. Doing defragmentation of hard drive on regular basis and installing the antivirus software on computer system will restrict the virus to enter in the computer. You can recover the files from Computer after BDOS error but make sure to avoid use of computer after occurrence of this error because there is strong possibility to overwrite the data on hard drive.

Salient Features That Come With Computer File Recovery Software:

Computer File Recovery Tool is ideal utility for retrieving the files from computer after Blue Screen of Death Error. This proficient tool can easily recover files from almost all types of hard drives like SCSI, SATA, IDE, etc. to recover files after BDOS error File Recovery Tool will be the best fit for recovering the files from various file system hard drives such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS, HFSX, EXFAT file systems. It can be utilized to fetch the data from various storage devices such as USB flash drive, External hard drive, Pen drive, and many more. This tremendous tool can duly bring back the files from various hard storage device brands such as Seagate, Maxtor, LaCie, Western Digital, Transcend, Kingston, etc. This tool is capable to recover files from dead hard drive, to get further information you can click here: