Recover Video files Within Simple Steps

How will you proceed when your vital videos get delete accidentally by pressing Shift + Delete? When this type of question comes in front of you, it will make you to become panic. Apart from this user, start searching the other reasons for deletion of Videos, after the search user might get the situations like accidental formatting, virus infection, etc. There are so many ideas available to prevent deletion of information but after getting these, there might be probabilities of Video files deletion.

Popular scenarios for videos deletion are:

  • Third party utility: In some cases, the computer users can use third party application as they can install antivirus tool. Sometimes, it may be uploaded from freeware sites to do scanning of drives. This type of antivirus can scan the severely infected videos present on computer and deletes such files without noticing any information.
  • Accidentally formatting of hard drive: During installing new Operating system, you need to select the drive where you wish to install the OS. Sometimes there may be possibilities of selecting the wrong drive by the user. Hence, in hurry he/she may format that drive leading to erasing of vital data present on that drive.
  • Hard disk failure: All the files are stored on hard drive of computer. If hard drive fails due to long use of computer and heating, then it affect your vital files present on computer. There are maximum possibilities of file deletion.

There are so many tools available over internet; among those applications, you need to pick suitable software to recover videos. The use of deleted video recovery tool yields a better result for user as per technical experts; you need to use this program. This utility is a fantastic for recovering videos from various brands of hard drives like Seagate, Hitachi, Western digital, Toshiba, etc. It has the ability to obtain such files from other storage devices also like Flash drive, digital camera, USB drive, external hard drive, etc. It can bring back deleted videos from camcorders of different brands like Samsung, Fujifilm, Pentax, Nikon, etc. It supports Windows OS of different types like Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 2000, Windows 2007 and Windows Vista and preference to Mac Operating system of various forms like Mountain Lion, Leopard, Lion, etc.

The recovered data can be stored based on file name, size, extension, etc. By utilizing the software to recover videos on the system, it is very easy for user to overcome previously mentioned scenarios. The software supports videos of different types MPEG, 3GP, M4V, MP4, etc. It supports both Mac OS and Windows OS of 32 and 64-bit with ease. It recovers videos from HFSX, HFS+, ExFAT, NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS 5 file system formats.

Some simple suggestions to be followed by the user in order to prevent deletion of video file are highlighted below:

Downloading of files should be done through trusted websites. Perform scanning of drive once in a week by using legal antivirus application. Use only trusted third party tool. Be careful while formatting the hard disk because there may be the possibilities of accidental deletion.