Steps to undelete files on Vista

Computers have become very important part of our day-to-day life. Every person makes use of computers to store their necessary data. Data can be lost or deleted from computer due to many reasons like accidental deletion of a partition, accidental deletion of the file or folders, virus attack, formatting or re-formatting of the drive or partition, file system corruption, OS corruption, hard disk failure, power fluctuations, improper system shutdown etc. In such condition, the data might not be accessible from the hard drive. It is possible to undelete files on Vista Operating System by using good file recovery tool.

When the file is deleted from the hard drive, you can restore them back from Recycle Bin. Sometimes you cannot be able to find the files in the Recycle Bin because the deleted files may get deleted beyond the Recycle Bin. These deleted files are not completely removed from the hard drive, only the pointer to the files is removed from file directory. It only marks the free space and will be available for storing new data. The file recovery tool makes use of advance algorithm to recover those lost or deleted files. It is also possible to restore files from reformatted partitions of any file system, deleted or missing partition or corrupted hard drive. There are many file recovery tool available in the market. Before selecting the software you should follow some simple steps. Based on the system requirement, the selected software should be able to recover deleted or lost files from various data loss scenarios.

  • You should first check whether the software can recover data from re-formatted or re-partitioned hard drives
  • You should always make sure the recovery software supports various file type recovery like Word, Excels, Power, image, audio and video files.
  • Also ensure the recovery software lets you to preview the recovered files before saving. Preview option can help you to identify the deleted files easily.
  • Check whether the software recovers deleted or lost files Windows XP, Windows 7 and other Operating System.
  • Make sure of appropriate system requirement of the software before installing like RAM and free space to store recovered files.
  • You should also check whether the recovery software company provides good customer support to troubleshoot your problems while recovering the lost or deleted data.
  • Always make sure to download the demo version of the recovery software to check the chance of recovery and to evaluate the software.
  • Based on the demo version results, you can buy the full version software to recover lost or deleted files from Windows Operating System.

Follow few steps to undelete files from Windows Vista OS:

  • Remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer as a secondary storage device.
  • Download and run trial version of the file recovery software to recover lost or deleted files from Windows Vista Operating System.
  • Run the file recovery software to recover lost or deleted files from hard drive.
  • Follow the instruction carefully to recover lost or deleted files from Windows Vista Operating System.