Tool to Repair MOV Files on Windows

Define MOV file?

MOV file format is the multimedia container developed by Apple. The .mov files extension used by the QuickTime Media Software for saving movies and other videos. MOV files use Apple’s proprietary compression algorithm. It contains multiple tracks that store and synchronize various types of data like audio, subtitle, timecode and video. Although, initially MOV file was developed by Apple but now it is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating system platform.

The files that are compressed in .mov format makes easy to stream the videoimages MOV and download from the internet in user system or any other electronic media device. In order to play MOV file, media player application must be able to recognize the codecs that are used in the file. In Windows Media Player MOV files can be played with addition of 3ivx codec.

How MOV file gets corrupted on Windows system?

Most of the users in the world are using Windows based system due to its user friendly interface. User stores all their data like audios, pictures, documents, videos, in the system. However, there are some instances which lead to damaging or corruption of MOV files like problem in MOV file index, intrusion of viruses, and more.

Is your MOV file refuses to play in any media player on Windows PC? Don’t bother about your MOV video file! Why it is not playing and what to do, to make MOV file in playing condition once again. Now, it is possible to repair MOV files Windows system easily. After lot of research, software programmer has come with the solution named as MOV File Repair Software. It is exclusively for those people who want to fix MOV video file on Windows PC. Therefore, user should have the knowledge and be aware in which scenario the MOV video files may get damaged or corrupted.

Some factors which makes MOV video files unplayable from Windows computer:

There are few causes for corrupting or damaging MOV video files are listed below:

Conversion error: Assume, you are wanted to convert MOV video file format to some other format. If any kind of error occurred while converting then MOV file may get damage or corrupt.

Compression error: There is a chance of MOV file to get corrupted when user compresses video file using any unreliable ZIP archive.

Bad sectors: Sometimes, due to overheating of Windows system hard drive, which may start forming bad sectors in the hard drive. MOV files that are stored in bad sectors cannot be played on media player.

Damaged header file: In the header of MOV file, which stores data like creation date, file size and type. If the MOV header file is damaged or corrupted then all the information stored in that will be lost or erased and MOV video file fail to play.

Other factors: There are few more reasons for corruption of MOV video file in which includes intrusion of malicious program, media player application error, improper download, etc.

It has ability to repair MOV files Windows on various storage device like USB drive, memory card, external drives, etc. On other hand, this tool is compatible with different editions of Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, etc. With the aid of this tool user can fix MOV video file safely and securely in just few steps. MOV File Repair Program can fix different format of video files like MOV, AVI, XVID, DIVX, MP4 and more.