All about Myfox Home Security System

With the help of Myfox Home Security system you can identify the difference between a delivery guy who is tossing a box against a door and a real break-in. It doesn’t have a keypad entry; there are no required ongoing fees, no contract and it can interact with Nest and Amazon Echo.

myfox-security-product-photos-9You need to pair this home alarm system with companion app so that it will be easy to use and it can also enable multiple users to access. This also includes temporary access to the neighbors and house sitters for when you are on location. By using that app you can check the home camera at any time.

To install and set up the Myfox there is no need of any security guy from the company. You just need to download the app and follow the prompts. This app is compatible with the devices which are running with Android 4.0+ and iOS 7+. On delivery the Home Kit comes with one Link, one key fob, one Siren and one IntelliTAG™, but the security cameras will be delivered separately. If there is any issue with your Wi-Fi then the company will help you in fixing the problem.

For General Monitoring:

You will get a one key fob with the Home Kit, if you need more you can purchase. All of it users can only access the system by using the app. The control panel has almost all the functions and it looks like the key fob. If you have a key fob then you can enter hands free in your house without triggering the alarm and you need to just walk in. The advantage of using this is it can keep a log on the key fob, so that you can know who comes and goes out of your home throughout the day.

You can easily monitor your children i.e. at what time they leave for school and come back etc. Also the battery levels of all the products can be monitored by using this app. You need to worry about these batteries about replacing are key fob’s, IntelliTAG™, and the siren’s. If in the case of absence of temporary power loss, you can recharge the Link and the Security Camera and have a backup of power and use in the emergency case.