All you Need to Know About Recovery of Deleted Images

Everybody uses a digital camera or a mobile phone these days. These devices have internal storage space to store photos and videos that are captured on them. However, to store large amount of data, people generally use various types of memory cards  like SD card, SDHC, xD, Micro SD card etc which have huge storage capacity.

Anyone of us can be a victim of data loss no matter how careful you are about the data that is stored in them. Managing large amount of pictures and videos that are stored in it has become a tedious task for most of us. A small accident may delete one or many pictures that are stored in the memory card instantly. Various questions that pops up in one’s mind after data loss are: Is it possible to retrieve the deleted files or not? How to retrieve deleted folders from memory card?

If you have accidentally deleted a photo or a folder containing many photos and then realized that you did not mean to delete them, you need not panic! Everything is not lost yet! The best solution to recover photos in such cases is to use recovery software. One of the most highly rated and user friendly software is Recover Deleted Folder utility. This tool makes photo recovery a simple and easy task. Before we talk more about the software, let us look at what exactly happens to the data once it is deleted.

Once the photos are deleted from a storage device, they are not completely removed. These deleted images are still present in the storage device but cannot be viewed. Every storage device has a file system that manages the files that are stored in it. File allocation table holds the address of each and every file that is present in the storage device. So once, pictures stored in the memory card or any other storage device gets deleted, only the pointers pointing to the physical location of those images are erased. It is advised not to use the memory card to avoid permanent data loss.

Data Deletion Scenarios:

  • Accidental Deletion: Pictures can get deleted from storage devices accidentally due to human errors. You may select My Pictures folder and click on Shift+Delete option. This causes permanent data loss and the photos can be retrieved only by using some recovery tool.
  • Deletion from Recycle Bin: After deleting a picture or a group of pictures using simple delete command, you may go to Recycle Bin and click on Empty Recycle Bin option. This leads to permanent data loss.
  • Virus Attacks: Sometimes files may become inaccessible after virus attack. In such cases you have no other option but to delete the inaccessible file or folder.
  • Deletion by Third party tools: If the files are severely affected by virus, few anti-virus programs may delete few important photos and other documents without your knowledge.

Unique Features of this feature

This tool is user friendly and even a novice user can perform recovery process with ease. It provides pictorial description of every step that has to be followed to recover deleted pictures. It makes use of a powerful scan algorithm which helps in recovering deleted pictures very quickly. It can recover pictures from formatted, deleted, corrupted or damaged storage device. It also helps you to get back photos from Recycle Bin. This utility can sort recovered files based on different file properties like name, size, creation date or modified date and file format. This tool works brilliantly on all major versions of Windows and Mac OS.

Easy steps to Recover Deleted Pictures

Step 1: Download and install the trial version of this recovery software. To get free  demo version, you can visit at If performing recovery from external storage device, connect it to your computer.

Step 2: Run the software. Select Recover Photos from the home screen and on the next screen select Recover Deleted Photos option.

Step 3: From the list of drives displayed, select the appropriate drive on which you need to perform the recovery and click on Next.

Step 4: The scanning process begins. You can preview the recovered pictures once the recovering process is completed.

Step 5: You can use “Save Recovery Session” option to save the recovered files. Using this saved session file you to restore deleted pictures after purchasing the full version of this software.