iTunes Recovery Software – Recover Music and  Videos

ituneAre you facing file deletion or lost issue from iTunes? Do you want to recover deleted or lost files from iTunes? If yes, then there is no need to worry about it because you can easily restore your all deleted or lost files from iTunes with the help of iTunes Recovery Software. This easy to use program has developed with the help of advanced searching algorithms which performs deep scanning of device and recover each bit of information as it was before deletion. With the help of this recovery program, people can retrieve various types of files such as audios, videos, pictures, etc. without any difficulty. With the help of this tool, people can restore the files based on their creation date, type, size, and signature very easily.

ITunes is media library, player, mobile device management, online radio broadcaster application developed by Apple Inc. for Mac based systems. This app is used to save and download numerous media files like pictures, videos, music, apps, etc. It also allows people to search music as per their need from iTunes store and download them. It also allows them to keep all purchased movies, music, podcast, apps and books without any difficulty. It is very useful app because with the help of it, people can transfer their files from Mac system to iPod, iPad or iPhones or vice versa. Apart from this iTunes, there is no other way of transferring the files between these devices. Apart from this, sometimes people face file deletion or loss issue from iTunes. After encountering such difficult situation, people want to recover them. Recover of iTunes files can be achieved by using an advanced third party app like iTunes Recovery Software because there is no other manual way to perform deleted or lost files recovery from it.

Most common causes behind file deletion or loss from iTunes:

Accidental Deletion: At the time of removing few unwanted files from iTunes library, people might end up with unintentionally selection of important files and delete them. After the deletion of files from iTunes library, they realize their mistake.

Application Crash: Improper upgradation of iTunes app or any system related error may lead to the crash of iTunes. After occurring, such error, files present in iTunes library may get deleted.

Sync issue: synchronization is the process of exchanging the info between two sources. During sync process, if any error occurred by which this process does not completed successfully, then there is a chance of file deletion loss from iTunes library.

Other causes: System crash, hard drive failed, bad sectors, Power surge, iTunes folder corruption, power surge, system freeze, drive formatting, file deletion using keys combination, etc. can also lead to file deletion from iTunes.

Whatever can be reason behind file deletion or loss from iTunes, people can take the help of iTunes Recovery Software. This utility is capable to restore files which can be in any file format such as WAV, MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV, JPEG, JPG, AIFF, PNG, TIFF, etc. without any difficulty. With the help of iTunes Recovery tool, people can recover files from various devices including iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle easily. People can utilize this utility on all the versions of Mac based operating systems like Yosemite, Leopard, Lion, Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard very easy.

Full Guide to Recover Data from SDXC Memory Card

Basically SD cards are used as a portable memory cards with less amount of storage capacity. Nowadays as the technology is growing, SDXC card was introduced as new generation memory card. The storage capacity of it varies from 32 MB to 2 TB and the speed is up to 104 MB per second. Usually the SD cards are used as the memory device for the smartphones and tablets and mostly the media files are stored and retrieved in it. Apart from these different advanced features there are chances of deletion or loss of files from the SDXC card.

samsung-pro-sdxc-64gb-memory-cardSince the SDXC cards are very important for the users and data present it will also be important for its user. So no one will compromise on data loss from it. If the data is lost or deleted from the SDXC card then manual way is not available to recover those lost files. In such situation the user should not be disappointed because there is a way to recover the lost or deleted files i.e. reliable SDXC card recovery software is available which can easily recover all the lost or deleted files from the SDXC card.

Reasons for the loss or deletion of files form SDXC memory card:

Delete All Button: In the smartphones and tabs there is an option call “Delete All” which will help you to delete all the files in a single click, instead of deleted all the files one by one. So if you press this button accidentally then all the important files present in the SDXC memory card will get deleted.

Improper Ejection: On requirement you will transfer files from the SDXC memory card to the system or vice versa. While transferring the files using Cut and Paste keys, if you remove the SDXC card abruptly or if you remove the SDXC card without following the recommended instructions then there are chances of files getting lost.

File System Corruption: File system is contains all the information of the files such as name, date, type and size. By use of this file system only you can retrieve the files from the SDXC card. So if the file system of the SDXC card gets corrupted then the operating system of the SDXC card will fail to retrieve the files, which in turn cause loss of files.

Other Reasons: Despite of the above mentioned reasons there are many other reasons that are responsible for the loss or deletion of files from the SDXC card. Some of them are accidental format, virus infection, bad sectors, etc.

Now to recover the lost files due to the above reasons you need to make use of a recovering third party tool called as SDXC Card Recovery software. This tool is most popular throughout the world and it is reliable.

Significant features of SDXC Card Recovery software.

  1. Recover SDXC card software can be applicable for different versions of Mac (Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion) and Windows (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc).
  2. In the demo version of this software you can recover the deleted files and you can preview for free of cost, you in order to save the recovered files you need to download the full version of this software.
  3. In this software Save Recovery Session is available, which can save all the scanned information of the deleted files and there is no need to rescan the entire SDXC card again.

Download and Use Deleted File Recovery Software for FREE

access-logoMost of the users may delete files using the Delete button on Windows and Mac OS.  Sometimes, mostly users may perform Shift+ Delete and Command + Delete operation by selecting the essential files instead of unwanted files on Windows and Mac computer. Deleted File Recovery software is one of the reliable and effective tool which recovers deleted files from hard drives on computer. With the help of this tool, you can recover deleted files from internal hard drives which has been deleted due to accidental or various known or unknown reasons.

Some common reasons which are responsible for deletion of files:

  1. Accidental deletion of files is one of the common reason behind the deletion of files. Mostly users may select and delete the essential files using Delete button instead of unwanted files on computer.
  2. If the size of the deleted file more than the size of the Recycle Bin, then automatically remove the file from Recycle Bin.
  3. Suppose, you are using antivirus tool for removing the infected files from hard drives. Sometimes, these antivirus tools may delete the essential files along with non-essential files from hard drive.

These are some common reasons behind the deletion of files. If you wants to come across from above mentioned scenarios and recover deleted files from internal as well as external hard drives on various updated versions of Windows and Mac computer, then you can make use of Deleted File Recovery software. This software is capable to restore various types of files such as video files, audios, image files, etc. within hassle free manner.

Features of Deleted File Recovery software which helps you to recover deleted files:

This is an advanced tool which helps you to retrieve deleted files from hard drives on various versions of Windows and Mac OS. It restores deleted files from different file system like FAT, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS, HFSX, HFS+, etc.  This application has the ability to restore deleted files from Recycle Bin or Trash folder without any hassle.  You can sort the deleted files on the basis of file details such as file name, size, signatures, etc. You can simply use and recover deleted files from various storage devices like USB flash drives, memory card, hard drives, FireWire drives, thumb drives, etc.

This program is designed with effective algorithm which conducts quick scanning of hard drives and it can recover deleted files on computer. You can resume process with the help of Save Recovery Session without scanning of hard drives. With the help of demo version of this tool you can preview the recovered deleted files on a preview browser before saving to a desired location in your computer.

Effective Way to Recover Lost MS Access File

access-logoMS Office is an application designed and developed by Microsoft to create report, presentation, assignment and many more. MS Access is one of the attributes of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Access is a DBMS from Microsoft which joins the relational Microsoft Database Engine with a GUI and software development tools. It has numerous advantages but sometimes access files get lost due to some human errors. In such condition, user opts for third party to recover lost access files in a pitch perfect way.

However no need to get tensed if you are facing similar kind of issue, just make use of Office File Recovery tool. This software is robust and user friendly so that novice users can even recover lost MS Access file easily. You have to go through some simple steps to recover files. Apart from access files, this software is capable in recovering Word files, Excel files, PowerPoint files, etc. You can use this effective application on all the latest versions of Windows based system. This utility is available online for users to purchase and restore files on desired location.

Reasons for loss of MS Access files

Error while File Transfer: While transferring access files from system to other storage device or vice versa if certain interruption occurs then there might be the chances of loss of access files from system as well as from storage device.

Virus Attack: When you are connected to infected system then there is wide possibility that virus enters into the system. Due to virus attack the files get corrupted and might be lost from your system. This leads to data loss which is a horrible situation for users.

Improper Installation of Application: If MS Office is not installed properly on your system then access files created through this application might get corrupted and become unreachable from user.

Other Factors: Several other factors responsible for data loss are power failure, improper ejection, etc. This scenario is responsible for loss of access files from your Windows based system.

You can use this software to overcome above mentioned scenarios with great ease. This software includes few simple steps to recover access files from Windows based system.

Features of Office File Recovery Tool

  1. Office File Recovery software is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows based system. The different versions on which you can download and use this software are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  2. This utility can recover files from different versions of MS Office such as 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  3. Save Recovery Session is available to resume the recovery process of MS Access files. The users are advised not to disconnect the external device while recovering data from external storage device.
  4. It has a special feature called Find Option that allows user to find recovered MS Access files from list according to file name and file size.
  5. 24X7 technical support services is available for users to provide support to users who finds difficulty in accessing the application.

How to Perform File Recovery from My Document Folder?

Microsoft Office consists of MS-PowerPoint, MS-Access, MS Word, MS Excel, imagesetc. These files may get deleted or lost due to various reasons. In such situations, don’t get panicked. You can easily recover deleted or lost MS-Office file from My Documents Folder with the help of Office File Recovery software.

Reasons for the data loss of Microsoft Office files:

Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion may happen when you are deleting any unwanted Microsoft Office files and select important files and delete them using shift+ delete. As a result of which you may lose important Microsoft Office files.

By using third party tool: While you are scanning MS Office files and if these files are infected by virus then it leads to deletion of files.

Virus Infection: Virus is highly destructive element. Whenever you visit any suspicious websites and connect any virus infected external storage device to computer, this virus will enter into your system. As soon as it enters, it will start infecting the files. Suppose, a Microsoft Office file is infected by virus then it will get corrupted and becomes inaccessible.

Header Corruption: The header is probably a most important part of a computer file, as it holds of that file. In case the header of Microsoft Office file gets corrupted, then the PPT file will become inaccessible.

Downloading Errors: When Microsoft Office is getting downloaded from web, make sure that no errors occur in between. In case any error is occurred, then downloaded file will get damaged.

Transferring Errors: If you are transferring a Microsoft Office file from computer to some external storage drive or vice versa and during the process, if an unforeseen error takes place then Microsoft Office file will get damage.

Improper Termination of Microsoft Office File: If your computer shuts down suddenly when a Microsoft Officefile has been accessed on in, then the program get terminated in an improper way. Due to this the file that you have accessed will get corrupted.

As a result of these above stated scenarios, if you lose data from Microsoft Office file then make use of Office File Recovery software and restore Microsoft Office file in just couple of mouse clicks.


Outstanding Features of Office File Recovery software:

  • 1: This software perform office file recovery from my document folder on all latest versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.
  • 2: It recovers various types of files such as PPT files, DOC, DOCX, etc from your system easily.
  • 3: This software is capable of recovering file from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT 32 volumes or logical drives. It also helps to recover deleted PST files of MS-Outlook.
  • 4: Once the recovery process is over, you can view the recovered files using Preview option.
  • 5: Using demo version you can check the ability of the software very easily. If you are satisfied with the recovered results then you can buy the licensed version of the software to save the recovered files.
  • 6: You can view the recovered files using two options. First one is “File Type View” and second one is “Data Type View.”

How to Recover Deleted MPEG Files?

Have you ever encounter with the scenario in which MPEG video file get lost or deleted from the storing place and are you looking for any best way of recovering lost MPEG file, if it yes, then don’t search it more because in my view, there is software named as Video File Recovery Software helps you in recovering lost or deleted MPEG files with ease as it is provided with new options. These options may helps user to perform recovery of lost MPEG video file on the different version of Windows and Mac operating system. Before knowing much about this recovery tool, let us discuss some points on the introduction part of MPEG file and how quality videos are available with this format file.recover deleted mpeg files

MPEG is the video file which is used for the high definition of video file. It has advanced features which helps for coding of video file for playing audio and video file at the same time. MPEG is actually abbreviation which stands for Moving Pictures Experts Group which is developed especially for encoding the video file. MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 as the basics standard is used by MPEG video file format for encoding file and many options are included in this file in order to access large file without any error while playing this file on any media player. Simply saying, it is a compress technique for playing audio and video format files. Read on this article continuously to know more about special features of MPEG file. The following are the different features that are available with MPEG files.

  • MPEG 4 is composed with the additional features to the MPEG 2 as improving the quality of video file. With these features of the MPEG 4, the video files will be easily playable on the different media players like DivX, VLC, etc.
  • It has ability for encoding mixed media data that is audio, video and speech.
  • The error resilience can be made enable of the robust transmission.
  • It has ability to interact with the audio-visual scenes generated at the receiver.

In spite of these many features, these MPEG files get lost or deleted because of many reasons. At this stage in order recover deleted mpeg files, you need to opt for Video File Recovery Utility which has unique features, so that it can retrieve lost data or files with ease. Let us see the different features which help users in recovering lost MPEG file.

Unique Features of Video File Recovery Software:

This tool has ability to recover lost or deleted MPEG file due to the different reasons like accidental deletion, while changing file format, downloading error, incomplete transfer process, etc. Irrespective of the reasons behind the lost of the MPEG file, this software works for you in restoring the file. This software contain an special features that it doesn’t allow you to store the file on the same device as in case data get over written and again you can’t recover the file again, if  once data get over written. It has good user interface that every user can perform MPEG file recovery by making use of this software.  Now let us see how we can protect MPEG file from getting lost or deleted.

Preventive Steps:

  • Have a habit of maintaining backup files, it will always help for you to restore the file at any time whenever you desired.
  • Don’t make the regular changes of the file format as it may corrupt your MPEG file and it will be unplayable on all media players.

Know How to Recover Hard Drive Files

Are you worried about losing your important files from hard drive? And think how to recover hard drive files?

Nowadays, the technology is growing widely throughout the globe and there are many recovery software are being developed specifically for recovering files from hard drive. You can get back erased data with the help of most reliable and fully featured third party tool named as My Hard Drive Recovery Software. It is a best tool because it has an advanced search algorithm mechanism to retrieve files within a quick span of time.

Sometimes, after erasing files you may lose your hope of recovering files from hard disk drive or you may save the new data on the hard disk. But, you should not do the mistake of saving new files because once memory space of hard drive gets overwritten then files will be lost permanently and you should knowing that deleted or lost files will not be permanently erased from hard disk which can be recovered effectively by some reliable third party retrieval tool like My Hard Drive Recovery Software. Using this tool, you can overcome from different file loss scenarios and your worries such as how to recover hard drive files will be resolved without any difficulty.

There are many reasons for losing files from hard drive; some of them are as follows:how to recover hard drive files

  • While moving files from hard disk to some other storage device. If any sort of interruption causes lose of files.
  • Accidentally deleting files from hard drives.
  • Files are erased due to hard disk gets infected with severe viruses.
  • Inappropriate system shutdown.
  • Hard drive file system gets damaged or corrupted.
  • By emptying of Recycle Bin or Trash.

Here’s what happens by utilizing My Hard Drive Recovery Software to recover files that has been deleted or lose in all these scenarios or may be some other reasons effortlessly because it has been built with unique features as follows,

  • This My Hard Drive Recovery Software to get back your erased or lost files from formatted and re-partitioned hard drive volumes or partitions.
  • With the help of this program you can safely recover files from external USB drive, all types of memory card, hard drives, and flash drive effectively.
  • It has ability to retrieve files of different types such as word documents, media files, movies, images, application files, etc.
  • You can recover files from different brands of hard drive such as Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, Samsung, etc. which have formatted with various file system such as FAT 32, HFS, NTFS, FAT 16, HFSX, and more.
  • The restored files that can be viewed or sorted based on their file name, size of files, file format and so on.
  • It the faster and secured file recovery tool which compatibly runs on both Mac and Windows operating system.

Use Partition Recovery Program to Get Back Lost or Deleted Files

Partition is a sub division of hard drive space to keep files and folders in an organized way. It is used to separate operating system files and program files from user file. A partition has numerous advantages since it make easier to recover corrupted file system or operating system installation. Sometimes files from drive partition get deleted or lost due to certain reason. It is drastic situation for users when they suffer from severe data loss from partition. In such situation, you are searching for third party tool to recover lost or deleted files from partition.

If you are suffering from similar problem no need to worry, just make use of Partition Recovery Program to retrieve lost data in a hassle free way. This software is capable in recovering deleted or lost files either on internal or external storage device. This recovery tool allows user to restore files on different file system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, ExFAT, etc. By using this reliable tool, non technical can also recover files easily. It is available online to recover data loss from different devices.
Reasons for data loss from partition

Accidental Deletion: Many times you wish to delete unnecessary files from partition, at that time you could possibly delete important files mistakenly. By this way you may lose your files.

Accidental Formatting of Hard disk: Many times you might format your hard drive accidentally. You’ll lose all data from your hard disk drive because after formatting a hard drive, the deleted or lost data are not saved in Trash.

User Errors: Data from computer hard drive also lost as a result of user mistakes. After while utilization of your computer you could possibly wish to free disk space to keep new data, during those times you may delete some important files from a computer and emptying the Trash. With this scenario you may lose your important pictures, videos etc from your computer.

Features of Partition Recovery Program

  1. Partition Recovery Program software can be downloaded, installed and used on different versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  2. This program requires very less space for installation on any operating system.
  3. You can recover different file which is deleted or lost from partition such as songs, pictures, videos, documents, and many more.
  4. By using this effective tool, you can easily recover files from partition within few simple steps.
  5. Preview Option is available which allows user to view recovered file before restoration on any storage device. You are able to view recovered file in demo version for free.
  6. You can search the recovered file according to file name, file type, and file size using Find Option.
  7. 24X7 technical support services is given to users in order to sort out the problems associated with accessing of application.


Here’s the Most Reliable JPEG File Recovery Software

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is an image file format used in digital cameras and photographic image capture devices for save the image files that should be small in size. This is a compression technique for colored images. It can reduce the size about 5% of their normal images. It is most common format used in storing and transmitting photographic images on World Wide Web. This image format reduces the image size, produces good quality images, and many other benefits.

Sometimes, while capturing photo from digital camera and other photo capturing devices, a photo loss due to various reasons such as battery low during photo capturing, accidental deletion, etc.  As an outcome to this you may lose photos from the host device. In this condition, an effective reliable program named as JPEG Recovery software can help you to effectively perform JPEG file recovery. This program is capable of recovering deleted photos from various storage devices such as USB drives, pen drives, thumb drive, memory card, memory stick, etc.

Common causes behind the deletion or loss of JPEG files:

  1. Interruption during File Transfer: If any sort of interruption occurs when you transfer files from pen drive to computer hard drive such as abrupt removal of pen drive from computer can lead to loss of photos from computer hard drive.
  2. Third Party Tool: Using third party tool to convert the image file format such as JPEG to PNG. During this process if any sort of interruption occurs such as abrupt shutdown of system, as a result of this you may loss image files from storage device.
  3. Storage Device Corruption: Storage devices are highly prone to file system corruption, if storage device get corrupted due to various reasons such as malware infection, hardware malfunction, etc. Resultant to this is deletion of files.
  4. Storage Device Formatting: Sometimes, you select a device and format it which contain various media files instead of other drive can leads to loss photos or other media files from various storage devices.

If you want to overcome from these scenarios and recover deleted or loss photos from various storage devices such as pen drive, card, HDD, etc. then you can take help of JPEG recovery software, which will help you to restore photos on multiple versions of Windows OS like Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and so on.

Features of JPEG Recovery software:

  1. This JPEG recovery file software is designed to retrieve JPEG images from different types of hard drives types like SATA, SCSI and IDE manufactured by Seagate, Lexar, Western Digital, Hitachi, and so on.
  2. It recovers JPEG/JPG images from formatted/reformatted, corrupted and damaged partition of hard drives.
  3. This tool is capable of recovering deleted or lost media photo files from external hard drives, USB flash cards, flash drives and memory cards, memory stick, etc.
  4. This application has got effective algorithm that allows quick scanning of drives and recovers deleted, corrupted or lost photos from external and internal hard drives.
  5. It supports file system like FAT 16, FAT 32, HFS, HHSX, HFS+, NTFS and NTFS 5 and identify data stored on these file system on Windows and Mac OS.
  6. This application is compatible with various versions of Mac OS including Mountain Lion, Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Leopard, and so on.

Find an Easy Way to Restore Erased Files

I have deleted some important emails from Outlook PST file accidentally and before I could restore it my friend emptied entire files from recycle bin folder. Later I try to achieve a system restore for getting back deleted files but that didn’t effort… I distrust very much at that situation but is there any way to rescue all the deleted files? Anything would assist, thanks to all..!

Of course, if you deleted the emails from Outlook PST file then don’t panic. The erased files are actually still on your computer but your computer itself cannot be able to find them. In such a time you need some powerful deleted file recovery tool named My Undelete software which can be able to restore the deleted files. But don’t wait too long! At first, you should stop or downloading or installing any new data on the system drives. The reason is once you save new files onto the drive it will begins to use the free memory space created by deleted files and it grow to be much harder and lost forever.

You can scan computer with the reliable recovery software named My Undelete tool which is introduced below and find what the files it can retrieves are.

Undelete Emails from Outlook PST:

MS Outlook PST file may get erased due to delete option Shift + Delete key combination or file deletion may happen on PST file deletion by some powerful third party utility. In such situation, you can execute above mentioned utility which can perform email recovery and it makes sure that original PST file attributes will not be modified after the completion of recovery process.

Undelete Partition from Windows System:

File deletion from system partition on Windows system can often happen while doing some operation on Windows Disk Utility. If any issues like choosing wrong drive/partition for deletion or system failure will cause severe file loss from partition. In such a kind of situation, just execute this smarter My Undelete software, which can effectively recover erased files in a few clicks on this utility.

Undelete Files from Mac System:

Files on MAC system may get erased by using delete key combination Command + Delete option, Trash folder deletion, Terminal window deletion and so on. You can easily overcome these deletion scenarios by this efficient recovery tool.

Undelete Media Files from Android Phones:

This utility can rescue media files including images and videos. These files may get deleted from Android phones when you are previewing those files by accident, third party software deletion, creating free memory space, and so on.

Some Advantages of My Undelete Software:

  • You can identify the location of erased PST file on your PC by make use of utility which helps you to find out the accurate location of PST file where it was erased.
  • The demo version of My Undelete tool is utilized to save recovery session which is used to restart the recovery process later.
  • It can restores different file types including documents(Word file, PowerPoint file, PDF file, Excel file etc.) and media files such as still images, audio files, digital video files and so on.
  • Minimum internal disk space is sufficient about 50MB to install this My Undelete tool.
  • 24/7 highly professional customer support which helps you to clear your doubts about this utility at any time.