Know How to Convert Offline OST to PST File

Microsoft Outlook is an effective email client application, which is used to communicate between different people or organizations to perform various tasks. It allows its users to work in offline mode i.e., when internet connection is not available by making use of OST file.

Outlook data file (OST file) lets users to receive or send email messages, erase emails, and other activities when it is not connected to Microsoft Exchange Server. After internet connection is made available, the changes made in the Offline Storage Table file will get synchronized automatically, when it is connected to Exchange Server. However, in some circumstances this OST file gets corrupted due to different reasons. At this time, using inbox repair tool scanpst.exe, you can repair corrupted OST file. But, if this inbox repair tool fails to fix the issues, then it is a major problem.

Therefore, to repair your corrupted OST file, first you need to convert offline OST to PST file and later you have to repair the PST file. So, you need a powerful converter tool to convert offline OST to PST file. Convert OST PST is one such reliable and most powerful converter tool that can effortlessly convert OST to PST file in few simple steps. You can easily restore all your emails, contacts, events, tasks, journals and other Outlook attributes, after converting corrupted or damaged OST to a healthy PST file.

Let us know some common scenarios where you need to use this Convert OST PST tool:

Errors While Synchronizing: Any changes made to the OST file during offline mode gets automatically synchronized, when network is connected to Exchange Server. If there is any errors during synchronizing process, then it results in the corruption of Outlook OST file.

OST File Header Corruption: Usually, OST file header contains important information necessary for accessing Outlook OST file. If this OST file header gets damaged due to some any reason, then it may end up in the corruption of OST file.

Abrupt Termination of OST File: If Outlook OST file is closed improperly while you are performing some action on it, then it may lead to corruption of OST file. It happens due to sudden power outage or else you may forcefully terminate it in hurry. As a result, your OST file may become inaccessible.

Other Reasons: Other reasons which are responsible for the corruption of OST file include Exchange Server Upgradation error, bad sectors, severe virus attacks, Outlook application freeze, etc.

To avoid these OST file corruption scenarios, it always safer to backup your Outlook data files regularly. Suppose, if you forgot to backup your OST file and came across any of these scenarios, then simply make use of Convert OST PST software to convert offline OST to PST file. This tool lets you know how to convert offline OST to PST file in few easy steps. It is specially designed and developed by a team of technical experts for converting Offline OST to PST file purpose. This tool is embedded with special algorithms that helps in performing OST to PST file conversion in an easy way, that too in short span of time.

Features of Convert OST PST tool:

This software is compatible with all Outlook versions including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. It provides an option “Find OST File” so that, those who do not know the exact location of OST file on their system can easily find OST file using this option. You can run this software on all the latest versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008, 2000, etc. This award winning tool can even convert password protected OST file to an healthy PST file in risk free way. It converts offline OST file to PST file on the hard drives formatted with NTFS, FAT16, ExFAT and FAT32 file systems.

How to convert offline data to online data

Microsoft Outlook versions came one after the other and are best from the older versions. Outlook is a client side tool. It can be utilized both in offline mode and with online mode too. The outlook is advanced tool which provides you to utilize organized e-mail option, easy search option, better communication option etc. This tool is very effective mainly because it allows you to stay productive and strengthen your individual and business networking in an exceedingly stylish manner. Interface plays a huge role in creating and managing your important e-mails.

This tool leads you to interact with many people parallel on the same times. The outlook is really a robust tool that even works in offline mode. Emails generally cannot be used in offline modes with domains but Outlook made it viable. This lets you access email everywhere you go at any point of time. The outlook is advanced tool, that one could also configure it in mobile.

Each information is held in .pst format. This is the files used as a back end to save the data. An OST extendable which is an offline storage table. This file is used for retrieving data in an offline mode. Therefore once the user is not enriched with internet connection then have to save data in OST file. Later if you wish to convert your offline data to online data you can do it by the method to convert OST to PST.

OST file is stated as a replica of PST files. Therefore, it is asserted, that if you would like to access your important data saved in Outlook then you can certainly get it done by OST files. One of the most commonly used Outlook is 2010. This is the latest form of the software nevertheless it too need the method to convert OST to PST office 2010 files.

OST file has one drawback it gets corrupted sometimes. Let’s see what all factors can impact the files.

The primary reason for any file corruption is virus attack: Malware/spyware or virus this can function as the major external threat which ends up in damage of PST file. These often even corrupt the dwelling of files making it useless. The main reason behind the data loss is the setting of alternative party application which raises the chance of virus attack.

An additional essential aspect that you will find heightened is power surge: Sudden power surge or failures are very bad for your Outlook. The saving of data in OST or PST files has some complication mainly because it has complex algorithms. But when saving of data is interrupted then you will see data loss in the form of OST file corruption.

If these scenarios are avoided then you will have lesser data losses. Still in the event you face loss then no need to worry with there being a few of the trail version software which can repair your files. Or if perhaps you want to convert your OST file to PST file then you can download that may facilitate you using the conversion tools.

How to convert OST to PST

The Microsoft launched many version with the outlook to be able to take away the proms of older version. Microsoft launched different version from 2000 Outlook to 2010 Outlook.
In Older version, the tool was basically suffering from PST size which has been 2 GB in the older version. Afterwards with the version enhancement, it turned out to 20 GB and lastly it really is extended around 50 GB capacity of PST. As this cuts down on chance of corruption of PST files. Before, if PST size is 2 GB (later 20 GB) then the file gets corrupted because of oversize of the PST with the result that we lost our attributes. Additional scenarios is there through which our PST gets corrupted.
While working there comes instances, by which we need to convert our OST to PST as a way to secure our attributes data. Therefore, to OST to PST on Outlook 2003 is not hard as well as we are able to do conversion for the entire versions launched from the Microsoft like to OST to PST on Outlook 2007  is additionally.
Let’s have a very clean look at scenarios in which one can possibly lose the PST file or PST attributes related to them. These scenarios are correlated to one another. PST file corruption in Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 is really as follows:
• Sharing one’s Outlook PST file on unsecured network leads your PST corruptions or accidental deletion or modification of PST files will surely send you to PST file corruption.
• Switching off your Outlook is conducted improperly like forcefully shutdown of Outlook, which utilizes the critical database file to save and abruptly shut down will lead to PST file corruption.
• Application crash with the outlook will resulted in PST files corruption.
• PST file conversion to small portable format for moving it or save the room usually leads your PST file to corruption.

To prevent these problem you have to follow few precaution procedures in order to abstain from PST file corruption.

• Categorize your email using the different folders and names.
• Creation of support for your emails will refrain you form data loss and may maintain the regularity in data.
• Improper shutdown of Outlook needs to be avoided.
• Using of secured network and updated antivirus will give you the protection from data loss.
Before these loss of data you can convert your OST to PST and save you PST file in Order to possess a strong support and regularity in your data.
Just you’ll want to download the software program from online and install it with your PC. The version medicine trial version of course, if you discover how the software are capable of doing the needful you may then definitely download the entire software and convert the OST to PST. Which keeps your data in separate folder within the desired location from the system.