How to Recover Partitions on Windows or Mac?

Partitions are the logical divisions of system’s memory, processor and storage device. The number of partitions depends upon the size and model of the hard drive. These partitions are formatted with file systems to manage users and system data on the hard drives. On Windows hard disk are formatted with ExFAT, NTFS, FAT, etc. file system whereas in Mac based system, they are formatted with HFS+, HFS, etc. file system.

Hard drives is divided into many logical partitions as these partitions may get deleted, lost or get corrupted due to various reasons. If you faced such issue, then you will lose all data that are stored on those partitions. In order to recover deleted, lost or corrupted partition, you can make use of Partition Recovery software to recover partitions and the data that are stored on it.

Reasons that are responsible for data loss from Partitions on Windows or Mac:

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, user may delete the important partition instead of some other partition in which valuable data is present. As a result of which user may suffer huge data loss.

Accidental Formatting: User may accidentally format the partition while reinstalling the operating system.

Booting Problem:  Booting problem may occur due to virus, MBR corruption, etc. which can corrupt your partition in Windows OS. After this, you may get an error message like “OS is not found”. You can easily restore partition data using Partitions Recovery software in few mouse clicks.

Incorrect Disk partitioning: using Disk partitioning, users can manage the OS files and user data in an efficient way.  Sometimes, user do incorrect disk partitioning. As a result of which they may suffer several partition error. Hence causing partition inaccessibility which leads to partition data loss.

Other Reasons: Boot camp partition error, error during file system conversion, invalid partition table, virus attack, resizing the partitions, crash of hard drive, sudden power failure are also responsible for partition data loss.

After facing above mentioned scenarios, users generally get devastated and get worried about how to recover partitions data.  But you can easily recover partitions data using of Partition Recovery software within few mouse clicks.

Precautionary Measures to avoid data loss from Partition:

  • 1. Don’t use the hard drive in which you have lost or deleted any partition. If you do so then it may overwrite the lost partition data. As a result of which you may encounter with permanent loss of partition data.
  • 2. Use and install antivirus to make your system free from virus attacks or malware attacks.

Features of Partition Recovery software:

  • 1.Partition Recovery software recover partitions data on all latest versions of windows and Mac operating system.
  • 2.This software performs partitions recovery on various storage device such as hard drive, external hard drive, etc.
  • 3.It can recover partition data on various popular brands of hard drive such as Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, OCZ Technology, Maxtor, etc.
  • 4.Preview option is available for the user for their satisfaction. They can preview the recovered files before purchasing of this software. If they are satisfied with the recovery results then they can upgrade the software to save the recovered results.

Here’s The Process of Damaged Partition Recovery in Windows 10

recover damaged partition windows 10“Hi friends, few days ago while partitioning my hard disk using Windows Disk Management Utility of Windows 10 computer, I accidently selected and deleted a vital partition which contains my entire personal data and I tried recuperating that deleted partition by using some of the recovery tools. But, none of it gave me the expected results, as most of the utility dint supported windows 10 OS. Can someone recommend me a trustworthy recovery tool to get back my data from deleted partition in Windows 10? Thanks in advance”.

Is your partition in Windows 10 have been lost? Have you lost all your files from the Windows 10 partition? Did you accidentally delete your partitions in Windows 10 operating system? Then don’t get worried a lot! Because, by simply referring this article you would come to know how to recover damaged partition Windows 10.

Scenarios that Leads to Partition Loss in Windows 10

1) Partition Table Corruption: Partition Table contains all the relative information about the partition on the computer, and if it gets corrupted / damaged due to some reasons. Then your computer partitions may get damaged as this leads to huge data loss.

2)Command Prompt: Sometimes accidental deletion of partition may occur while working on “Diskpart” option in command prompt on your Windows 10 computer.

3)Booting Problem:  During system startup you may get an error pop-up window on your monitor stating “Invalid Partition Table” or “Operation System not found” this may occur due to MBR corruption, which could results in the loss of partition in Windows 10.

4)Accidental Deletion: Suppose, while you are using your Disk Management Utility to resize, create, delete a partition during performing this task, you may unintentionally delete a valuable partition. This results in partition loss in Windows 10.

5)Other Reasons: Partition mat get damaged due to other reasons like power surge, header corruption, file system corruption, third party tools, wrong re-partitioning process etc.

How to Retrieve Damaged Partition Recovery in Windows 10

Irrespective of the above mentioned partition damage causes; you can easily recover damaged partitions by using the most preferred utility named as “Partitions Recovery software”. This tool is proficient of bring back data such as compressed files, documents, audio folders, media files, etc. from the damaged partition. It also recovers damaged windows 10 partition having file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT. Using this tool, you can recover partitions from IDE, SATA and SCSI hard drives. The Partitions Recovery software has capabilities to retrieve corrupted or damaged partitions from both internal and external HDDs of Windows 10 OS. In addition recovery of damaged partition, it can also use to rescue data from different types of storage devices like external HDDS, memory cards, pen drives, USB flash drives, and so on.


1)Never install the “Partitions Recovery software” on the same affected or damaged drive / partition.

2)Always perform backup of partition regularly to avoid data loss in hard drive.


Effective Way to Get Back Lost Partition

Have you lost HFS partition from Mac? It might be due to various reasons including unintentional formatting, repartitioning hard drive, improper shutdown, accidental deletion, file system corruption, unsuccessful file system conversion, power surges and so on. If so then proceed further! Losing partition does not matter nowadays. It is because when you delete partition from hard drive intentional or unintentionally then the image of data remains at drive location until it is overwritten by new data. Before overwriting, it is possible to recover partition with the help of effective revival tool. Here you can make use an efficient recovery tool of current time named HFS Partition Recovery tool. This tool uses a proficient recovery algorithm that thoroughly scans hard drive for lost volume. Once it comes under site then recovers them on basis of various files signatures.

This tool is capable to revive data from various files system including FAT32, HSF+, HFSX, and ExFAT. In case you have different Macintosh machine then you can make use of this tool it is capable to recover data from different Mac machine including Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini. With the help of this tool, you can recover data from formatted and reformatted HFS drive. This tool offers a preview of files well before the recovery that can be recovered with the help of this revival tool. With the help of this tool, you can recover partition data from various storage devices like USB drive, memory card and so on.

Discuss some scenarios in more detail to know more how a user lost access to vital partition. Partition might be lost due to repartitioning of any existing partition. It is because when you do repartitioning and if somehow ongoing process in interrupted. It might lead to file system corruption and you could not find your vital partition when you check for vital partition. Improper ejection of drive also may lead to partition loss. When you eject a connected drive when it is performing some read write operation then this might lead to file system corruption. Once file system corrupts then you become unable to access intact partition further.

Improper shutdown also may lead to loss of partition. It is happened when the user in hurry shutdown system in meanwhile when drive is performing some read write operation. Once you do so then there is chance of corruption of boot record. As the boot record is corrupted then system fails to boot further. In such a condition, reinstalling OS is must. While reinstalling operating file system the user might accidentally format whole drive or it might be possible that user installed OS onto one of vital drive partition. Both the situation might lead to loss of vital partition.

When you loss partition due to any possible reasons then there is no need to take tension. Just make use of HFS Recovery Software and get back lost partition data effectively. In case you are the person who has lost HFS partition and searching online content for an answer then you can definitely make use of this tool and recover partition with ease.

Partition recovery software for Lenovo ThinkPad

Partitioning the hard drive memory space will surely increase the read and write accessibility of the hard drive. Partitioning is a process of dividing the hard drive memory in to isolated separate sections and thus it is called as partition. Hard drive memory of all the systems has to be partitioned otherwise the performance of the system becomes slow. In all the computers whether it is a desktop or a laptop, the hard drive memory has to be partitioned.

Lenovo ThinkPad is one such laptop that is widely used by techie guys because of its attractive features. Its highlight is the built-in fingerprint reader. If you format any partition on Lenovo ThinkPad hard drive the data files stored on it gets deleted automatically. Because formatting is a process of erasing the data on the hard drive and increasing the read and write accessibility of that drive.

The hard drive can be partitioned using various partition tools.  Due to partitioning, disk space will be utilized and managed properly. Any kind of error during partition process might lead to corruption of files or complete partition may be lost or missed. Due to which there is loss, corruption and inaccessibility of data. For e.g. assume that you are re-installing your operating system and in the process you accidentally selected for re-partitioning of the hard drive. The process was successful but you have lost one complete partition and its data. If this is your case then the missing partition can be recovered only by means of recovery partition Lenovo ThinkPad.

How the data loss occurs in partition:

  • Improper way of partitioning the hard drive – The partition tools lets you to create dual or multi boot partitions. But any kind of error can corrupt the boot sector. The boot sector holds all the information about partitions like total number of partitions, total number of sectors, sector size, etc., so corruption of boot sector will lead to partition loss.
  • Converting the file format of the partition to another file format, i.e. from FAT to NTFS – Due to conversion of the file system, the data or files may lose their EFS (encryption details) and certain system permissions which includes read / write permissions to that file. And hence the file becomes inaccessible.
  • Due to virus attack – If the master boot record which holds the partition table is damaged or affected due to virus attack then you cannot see any of the partition and thus partition loss occurs.

However the lost data or the lost partition could be recovered using partition recovery software. The software can handle all the scenarios in which you loss partitions and quickly helps to recover partition after format.

The features of the software are:

  • Recovers all lost data from corrupt partitions and deleted partitions.
  • Recovers files from various kinds of file formats like HFS, HFS+, NTFS, etc on both Windows and Mac OS.
  • Recovers lost partitions due to partitioning or re-partitioning of Lenovo ThinkPad hard drive memory.
  • Easily recovers files and folders of different file types that are lost due to corruption of hard drive partitions.
  • Recovers lost partition data on various operating systems and on different brands of laptops and systems.

The software quickly and easily recovers data from formatted partitions within minutes. The recovery tool can also retrieve lost data partitions from SATA, IDE, SCSI and USB hard drives. And also the partition recovery tool can recover corrupt partition data from different operating systems like Windows and Mac OS of different versions.

If you are searching for good partition recovery software then you can try out this utility. To know about the working process of the software download the trail version and check for its performance. If the software can recover files to better strength then you can go for complete version of the software.

Recover lost data using disk partition recovery software

Whenever the hard drive is divided into several partitions to store data, definitely there are some bad times comes which cause data loss from the partition. The entire data might be lost from the partition when it is deleted accidentally. It can also cause the hard drive files inaccessible if it is corrupted. The computer system can follow one systematic approach to store files and this is known as file system. Usually, the Windows operating systems makes use of FAT and NTFS file systems. The main reasons which cause deletion of partition or data loss are like unintentional deletion, power failure, virus attack, file system corruption etc.

Whenever you lose data from your computer hard drive, you may think in two ways. First one is, you may think that the files are deleted forever and second, you want to recover lost data at any cost. If you believe that the deleted or lost data is recoverable then you are in the right way. The reasons for data loss are anything you can use disk partition recovery software, with which get back all lost data. This software is not only useful for internal hard drive recovery; you can also use this software to recover data from iomega external drive or any other type of external hard drive.

When you want to format a drive from one file system to another file system, you should reformat one drive and you need to select a file system which you want. Formatting a drive to the same file system is considered as simple formatting. But the reformatting is that where you might be converting FAT file system to NTFS or vice – versa. But in reformatting there are more chances of overwriting the data as compared to simple formatting. Still, you can recover lost data after reformat, using a best partition recovery tool.

Whenever you choosing a recovery tool you should make sure that the software can recover deleted partition. Also make confirm that the software is read only that is the tool could not attempt to write data on your hard drive. So, using such software one can recover lost data from the partition without causing further damage to your hard drive or data.

Best partition recovery tool is a most advanced data recovery application, which can easily recover data from the deleted or reformatted partition. To recover data, it will make use of inbuilt scanning algorithm. It scans complete drive within few minutes for the lost data and restores all data. It supports both FAT and NTFS partitions. This software can be used to recover partitions from any type hard drive like SATA, SCSI, IDE etc. One can also estimate partition recovery before purchasing complete version of this tool. For that just you need to download and run this tool in your computer. If you have satisfied with the demo version, purchase the complete version of this application.


Recover data from partition loss from hard disk.

Partitioning a hard disk is dividing the hard disk into pieces in order that user may also use it comfortably and also this partition isn’t the physical breaking of hard drive but is logical division of hard drive. Almost all hard disk drive incorporates partition which can be further renamed with the user.

Partitions is one important a part of hard drive but more vital is boot sector within the hard disk that mounts hard disk to the system if needed to access the drive.

If any error caused within the hard drive boot section then there’ll be corruption in partition and several time these corruption are very seviour that even cause the partition loss and doesn’t boot with the system. Hard drive is the main center of attraction if speaking about the device this is because it keeps each of the data in it.

Not simply hard disk partition becomes inaccessible but sometime if corruption is seviour than even hard drive becomes inaccessible?

But…but…but retrieval of data may be possible yes even if you have mislaid your hard drive’s data than you’ll be able to restore hard drive in case should you feels that data you’ve got lost was important to you.

So suppose if your hard drive partition is lost than you’ll be able to recover hard disk partition. Though this recovery is simple but at the same time isn’t reliable continuously. System when starts firstly processor process each of the files inside boot section and after that later will travels to other process so boot sector of every partition get boots and results of that they’re linked to the system.

Numerous ways which are pretended to skip the data loss from hard disk drive.

The conducts which can be hardly default but they are the conducts of users which cause in corruption and data loss, that is done intentionally or sometime happens due to lack of awareness.

1. Abrupt shutdown of whether application while focusing on it or even a system, that may corrupt the boot sector brings about unmounting of hard disk or even sometimes loss in partitions.

2. Changing the files system of the system hard drive which is known as reformatting of hard disk sometime could cause data loss.
3. Third party tools antivirus have to be uninstall before installing the modern antivirus in the system.

Measures which need to be taken that can save us from data loss.

1. Good power supply apart which must be able to manipulating the fluctuation of power, if face power failure also to regulate it at that time.
2. Updation of antivirus inside the system can prevent you from loss of data.
3. Creating of backups and restoring points is the better source to keep up the data regularity.

There are many such conditions where details are loss that is because of partition loss or corruption within the hard drive, So sometime if these precaution fails to save your data from loss than there’ll be one option left before you that is certainly selecting file recovery through 3rd party tools that may be download online.

How to perform partition recovery on Windows?

Hard drive is a storage device and it is normally divided into partitions. Partitions are nothing but the logical subsections of the hard drive. Partitioning a hard drive is a better way to organize and manage the system data in a proper manner. Actually, hard drive has two partitions that is one for operating systems and software and another is for data.

There are many situations where you lose the data present in the partitions. Partition recovery on windows is a big issue now. Let us see most frequently occurring loss scenarios of data from the partitions.

Loss of data due to human error: This is nothing but loss of data occurs in partitions due to accidentally formatting, reformatting and reinstalling the partition.

Data loss due to corruption of boot sector: Master Boot Sector which is the main component gets corrupted means then it leads to the loss of that particular partition data and the data which is there in that partition becomes inaccessible by the user.

Accidental formatting of the hard drive:  Sometimes if you accidentally or unintentionally format a hard drive that is you want to format one partition suddenly by mistake you formatted another partition. This also in turn results to the data loss of partitions.

Improper shut down of system: Improper shutdown or abrupt shut down of the system means forcibly attempting to shut down the system without closing all the documents or programs which are running also leads to the loss of data stored on the hard drive.

To get rid of all the above mentioned loss scenarios of data from partition the essential thing you need to do is to maintain a regular backup of the hard drive data. By this there will be no situation of losing the data. There are some situations like accidental formation of hard drives. At that time you can use Windows File Recovery Software and then can perform windows file recovery from formatted drive.

Features of Recovery Software:

This software has the ability to retrieve the data even after the hard drive is crashed or if it fails to boot also. This also has an opportunity to add/edit signatures for the files which are not listed. This software can also restore the data which is lost due to any partition errors also. Recovered data will be sorted according to their names, size of the file, file types and dates of creation. It also supports recovery of compressed files and any other data from NTFS formatted drives.

Steps to download Windows File Recovery Software:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of the recovery software. Next thing you need to do is to connecting the formatted hard drive as a slave to the other PC which includes the recovery software. Now you can launch the program by double clicking on the desktop short cut icon.

Step 2: The next step is to selecting “Recover Partitions/Drives” option from the next screen. And again one more screen appears from that select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option.

Step 3: A window appears with all the drives which are in connection with the computer. Now you need to select the formatted drive from that list and then after you need to click on “Next” button.

Step 4: Now the software will start scanning and after completing that it will display all the recovered data in some hierarchical manner.

Step 5: In the next screen you can view all the recovered data.






How to recover files from inaccessible partition

Laptop or computer is an integral part of human’s life. All valuable information saved by people will be saved on the hard drive. Harddrive is the principal storage device for many personal computers the size of hard drive varies from One hundred sixty Gigabyte a number of TB. Laptop or computer hard drive is normally divided into many logical drives and this process is called partitioning. Partitioning of hard disk drive offers separation, various data can be kept upon various drives/partitions. This enables laptop or computer user to arrange and handle their valuable information in an suitable fashion. Each Operating system possesses its own in-built partition device or make use of third party utilities similar to partition editor application to create, delete, resize, and manipulate these partitions on the hard disk drive. There are many situations where you can lose your computer data stored in different logical drives. In this conditions Windows partition recovery software program may help users to restore files from deleted partition.
Some common cases due to which it is possible to lose information from partition are generally accidentally deletion of existing partition. Partition error can occur when you’re trying to create or remove partition using 3rd party utility. Starting multi operating system can easily damage your partitions which results in data loss. Partitions can get corrupted by virus, or damaged Master Boot Record which results in loss of data. If you wish to change your operating-system you need toyour partition to setup some other operating system and you might forget to back-up your crucial data or accidentally formatted the incorrect partition, you’ll lose your data. Due to file system corruption, the entire hard drive gets corrupted and you may loss complete data kept on hard drive.
File system supported by Windows operating system are FAT and NTFS, it is utilized to organize files in an proper way on hard disk. In order to change the filet system reformatting is done, file system becomes corrupted due to error occurred in the course of formatting/reformatting process. Pc virus also can damaged the file system. Sometimes, you may experience issues due to bad sectors on hard disk, in such instances, reformatting is the best method to fix your problem. Improper system shut down and power surge issue during formatting procedure, can lead to significant data loss.
In order to avoid loss of data, it’s required to create back-up of the entire files on hard disk, if you have removed the partition and forget to maintain any back up copy. Don’t be concerned because Remo Recover (Windows) -Pro Edition is able to restore missing or deleted partitions on Windows. This software is designed for Windows operating systems based products and supports all versions of Windows like Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows server 2003and 2008. Whenever a partition is deleted, only the partition table information is erased and that partition will become inaccessible, data is remain on hard disk unless it is over-written by new data employing good security product. Download and run the free demo version from Remo Software website to restore your formatted/deleted partition. Remo Recover (Windows) is the top recovery software which recovers your information proficiently in very less time.

How to recover lost partition from Mac

Macintosh or Mac is Personal Computers developed by Apple Corporation. Mac OS X is an operating system used in all Mac. There are various versions of Mac operating systems like Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther and many more. Mac stores the data in the hard drive and has two file systems like HFS and HFS+ for stored file manipulation. HFS+ file system is the improved version of HFS and also known as Mac OS extended. It supports much larger files and uses Unicode for naming the items (Files and folders).

There are many situations where data loss occurs in all the hard drives due to various technical and logical errors in the system. These are catalog files damage, accidental deletion of Mac volumes, corruption of Apple map partition, repair tool failure; volumes refuse to mount, volume header corruption, journal corruption and many more. No matter what is the reason, you can recover lost partition Mac data.

Here are the few scenarios where huge data loss can occur

  • Catalog file corruption:  Catalog file contains record of all the files and folders. Catalog file is a key element in the Mac operating system to access files and folders. There are times in which catalogue file gets corrupt. When the file gets corrupt, you are unable to access to the files on particular volume.
  • Corruption of volume header: Volume header contains indexes of all the files that are stored in particular volumes. When the volume header is corrupted, all the files in the volumes become inaccessible. This leads to huge data loss from the volume.
  • Accidental formatting the volume: when you plan to format the partition for reinstalling the operating system, you end up in formatting the wrong drive, which causes huge data loss from the wrong drive.

It is good to take few precautionary measures to avoid data loss caused to various reasons like taking backup of all the files, documents, pictures, videos that are required in an external hard drive.

Even after taking the precautionary measures, if you have lost the data, nothing to worry. There is a solution to recover the lost data from the hard drive. Whatever data has been lost will be invisible to the user and he cannot access to those files. So in order to recover those files from the hard drive there are software which can recover lost data. Softwares are widely available in the market but it is important to choose the precise one to recover the data without losing a bit of information. The most efficient tool to recover the lost data is Remo Recover (Mac)-Pro Edition. This software uses built in deep algorithms to scan the hard drive in order to recover the lost data. If you want to know how it works just try to download the demo version, if satisfied with the software then buy the full version of the software and save the recovered lost data from the hard drive.

Best NTFS data recovery software

Microsoft introduced the NTFS file system with Windows NT operating system and it supports Hard Disk Drive (HDD) sizes up to 256TB. NTFS file system is used in various versions of Microsoft Windows operating system such as Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Loss of data on the Windows system may be occurred due to various situations like NTFS partitioning errors, accidental deletion of NTFS partitions and corruption of NTFS file system etc. In such kinds of scenarios, the data recovery is possible by using good third party NTFS data recovery software.

NTFS stands for New Technology File System and this file system is primarily used in recent versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. NTFS file system provides better performance, reliability, compatibility comparatively with FAT32 file system. This file system is designed with special features such as file system recovery, Alternate data streams (ADS), File compression and Encrypting File System (EFS) etc. When you format the partition with NTFS file system, it creates several system files (metadata) such as Master File Table, Bitmap, Log File and Partition Boot Sector etc that contains the information about all files and folders on the NTFS partition. The data stored on the NTFS formatted partitions may be deleted or lost due to various situations like accidental reinstallation of Windows operating system, accidental formatting of NTFS partitions, accidental deletion of NTFS partition, partition errors and damage or corruption to NTFS file system etc. Let us briefly reveal few important case scenarios in which data stored on the NTFS partitions can be deleted or lost.

  • Accidental deletion of NTFS partition: Logical Disk Manager is a third party disk partitioning utility that is developed by Microsoft and Veritas Software. This disk partitioning utility was introduced with the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system and it is supported in Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Using Logical Disk Manager utility user can create new partition also he or she can modify or delete the existing partition. This utility provides the delete partition function and it is recommended to be ignored as far as no backup is available. Accidental deletion of NTFS partition using delete partition function provided in Logical Disk Manager may lead to loss of data on the hard disk drive.
  • Accidental formatting of NTFS partition: Suppose you are trying to format C drive and you may accidentally selected the D drive. This could result in loss of data from NTFS partitions.

The lost or deleted data due to accidental deletion or formatting of NTFS partition can be recovered by using Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition software. This is an efficient NTFS data recovery tool that can recover deleted or lost data from NTFS partitions. You can download this software to perform NTFS data recovery on NTFS formatted partitions or drives. This software also supports the recovery of lost or deleted data from FAT16, FAT32, Ext FAT, NTFS and NTFS5 formatted partitions or drives.