Know How to Repair PST File in Outlook 2007

“Hi, last week my PST Outlook 2007 got corrupted. Since then I am unable to access the data from Outlook 2007. Some important pst-iconemail messages and vital notes have been trapped in it. I want to access those files at any expense. Can please anyone recommend me a reliable PST repair tool for Outlook 2007? Thanks in advance”

If you are encounter with same circumstances then don’t get panic. Now it is possible to repair PST on Outlook 2007 PST with a great ease, if you make use of Repair PST software.  This software facilitates you a step by step instructions with the screen shots. By following those instructions and screen shots even a person who have a less knowledge in computers can repair PST on Outlook 2007. Therefore it is an advanced Outlook 2007 PST repair tool among all other available repair tools.

Scenarios behind corruption of PST file of Outlook 2007:

  1. Virus Attack
  2. Compression Errors
  3. Abrupt Termination of Outlook Program
  4. Oversized PST file
  5. Sharing the PST file on unsecured network
  6. Upgradation of OS
  7. Improper up gradation of Outlook
  8. During Migration of PST file

Besides these factors, there are many other reasons behind corruption of PST file of Outlook 2007. So don’t get panic in such conditions, simply you can make use of Repair PST software to repair PST file of Outlook 2007. This repairing software can be easily installed on various versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

Few precautions that are necessary to save your PST files from corruption are discussed below:

  1. Take correct backup: Always take proper backup of PST file on daily or weekly basis because if they get corrupted then you can restore those PST file from the storage device.
  2. Default locations: If you upgrade the operating system or Outlook version, then it is necessary to have the complete knowledge about the default location of PST file. Try to Import and Export at the default locations so that you can continue accessing the PST files.

 Features of Repair PST software:

  1. Repair PST software a safest repair software to carry out Outlook 2007 PST file repair, as it does not do any alteration to the corrupted PST file, instead of which it will only scan and generate a new healthy PST file similar to that of original one.
  2. It is not only a PST repair tool for Outlook 2007, but also serves as a repair application for PST file of other versions of Outlook such as MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2010, etc.
  3. After repairing corrupted PST file, you can easily access all the attributes such as RSS feeds, appointments, email messages, notes, contacts, etc.
  4. Try out the demo version of Repair PST software. If it works as per your requirement then get its licensed version to save the repaired PST files.

Know How to Repair Corrupted / Damaged PST File

In this modern world, due to development of technology most of the people around the world make use of email as one of the major source for communicating with each other. Most of the employees, clients, social network users use Microsoft Outlook as an email client application. It includes receiving messages, sending messages, drafts messages, calendars, reminder, meeting, tasks, journal, RSS feeds and many more features. These attributes are stored inside a single location for further use, which is called as the Outlook PST file. It holds all your information.

PST stands for Personal Storage Table which allows you to store all the data of Outlook files. With the extension of .pst, Outlook PST files maintain as a storage device. Even though PST files have many advantages, but sometimes PST files get corrupted or damaged due to many reasons. At this moment you need not to worry about the files, because you can easily fix PST files with the repairing tool named as Fix MY PST Software.

Fix My PST Software gives the best way of repairing PST files to every single individual who stating ‘Fix My PST’. With the help of Fix My PST, any user without any difficulty can repair PST files as because it is designed simply. It is an trust worthy application to repair Outlook PST files because before purchasing the tool it allow user to know about its working  with the help of its demo version which is free of cost. Let us see some more features of Fix My PST Software.

Advanced Features of Fix My PST Tool:

  • Fix My PST Utility helps you to repair any PST file which is corrupted or damaged or inaccessible files with its strong inbuilt algorithm.
  • This works comfortably on all almost the latest versions of Windows OS likes Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • This tool has a deep scanning procedure which scans the entire device and repair Outlook PST file with ease.
  • Fix My PST Software also supports the different Outlook versions like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2010.
  • It has the option of finding the file from the Outlook which has to be repair.

With these advanced features, user can easily repair inaccessible Outlook PST file. Now let us see why actually PST file become inaccessible?

Scenario in which PST file become inaccessible:

  • When the file get attack by the harmful virus or any spyware or malware, then the PST files will become inaccessible.
  • If the storing device gets fails which may cause to inaccessible of Outlook PST files.
  • When the Outlook file get corrupted or damaged due to various reasons then the PST files will become inaccessible.
  • Header file store the information about the Outlook file likes name, size, location, etc. If that header file is corrupted or damaged, then the Outlook PST files will become useless.

In all these circumstances, Fix PST Software works very perfectly in repairing the outlook file and making the useless file to useful file.


To carry out the work properly as well as organization’s smooth communication, a highly effective mail messaging is very necessary. Microsoft Outlook is among the most powerful email messaging tool, which provides uninterrupted communication worldwide. Sometimes the effective email communication gets affected due to some physical or logical reasons which corrupt Microsoft Outlook badly. Hence you cannot access files, emails, contacts, messages and also other Outlook items. A few of the following common messages when Outlook gets corrupted are:

1. Outlook .pst can’t be located.

2. Error messages for example unknown error 0x80040600.

3. Unable gain access to Outlook PST files and error message including Outlook.pst has reached its maximum limit.

4. Error message like cannot find .pst file.

5. The [drive]:\[path][file name].pst cannot be located.

These errors occur because of software and hardware corruption and malfunctioning issues. Some of the common Hardware and software reasons for pst file corruption are shown below:

PST corruption because of Hardware reasons:

Hard drive or data storage drive failure: Sometimes the stored PST files on the corrupted hard disk drives get corrupted and refuse to open.

Power failure: Power failure or abrupt system shutdown while accessing the PST files leads to lost and corrupted PST files.

Corrupted Network Devices: Sometimes because of the corrupted network devices such as damaged hubs, cables, routers, network interface cards and a lot of other devices affects the Outlook PST files leads to PST file corruption.

PST corruption due to Software reasons:

PST file corruption on account of virus attacks: Sometimes while installing unknown software may ends in PST file corruption and loss.

Abrupt termination of Outlook application: Many times you may forcibly restart your personal computer brings about abrupt termination of Outlook application. Hence leads to PST files corruption and loss.

It is possible to prevent PST file corruption and other software/hardware corruption by utilizing some proper system software and appropriate hardware devices. Yet, if your computer is linked to the network, it is hard to take care of all computers linked to the network. However, you need to use some inbuilt outlook commands for example scanpst.exe to mend the corrupted pst files. But this command will continue to work up to some amount and can’t recover deleted files hence a good pst repair utility can helps and works for PST file header corruption and recover corrupted PST files which has been corrupted due to any reasons. The PST repair tool supports all versions of Outlook which enable it to repair pst on Outlook 2010. You can actually download the free trial version of PST repair software following steps:

Steps to download PST repair software

Step 1: Download the demo version of PST repair tool, do the installation and create a shortcut icon around the desktop.

Step 2: Launch the program by double hitting the shortcut icon around the desktop.

Step 3: Find the corrupted PST files and then click the next option of the application.

Step  4: One clicking the next option, the program will start repairing the corrupted PST.

Step 5: After the PST repair process completes, you easily preview  the recovered files and import it back to outlook.