Download and Use Deleted File Recovery Software for FREE

access-logoMost of the users may delete files using the Delete button on Windows and Mac OS.  Sometimes, mostly users may perform Shift+ Delete and Command + Delete operation by selecting the essential files instead of unwanted files on Windows and Mac computer. Deleted File Recovery software is one of the reliable and effective tool which recovers deleted files from hard drives on computer. With the help of this tool, you can recover deleted files from internal hard drives which has been deleted due to accidental or various known or unknown reasons.

Some common reasons which are responsible for deletion of files:

  1. Accidental deletion of files is one of the common reason behind the deletion of files. Mostly users may select and delete the essential files using Delete button instead of unwanted files on computer.
  2. If the size of the deleted file more than the size of the Recycle Bin, then automatically remove the file from Recycle Bin.
  3. Suppose, you are using antivirus tool for removing the infected files from hard drives. Sometimes, these antivirus tools may delete the essential files along with non-essential files from hard drive.

These are some common reasons behind the deletion of files. If you wants to come across from above mentioned scenarios and recover deleted files from internal as well as external hard drives on various updated versions of Windows and Mac computer, then you can make use of Deleted File Recovery software. This software is capable to restore various types of files such as video files, audios, image files, etc. within hassle free manner.

Features of Deleted File Recovery software which helps you to recover deleted files:

This is an advanced tool which helps you to retrieve deleted files from hard drives on various versions of Windows and Mac OS. It restores deleted files from different file system like FAT, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS, HFSX, HFS+, etc.  This application has the ability to restore deleted files from Recycle Bin or Trash folder without any hassle.  You can sort the deleted files on the basis of file details such as file name, size, signatures, etc. You can simply use and recover deleted files from various storage devices like USB flash drives, memory card, hard drives, FireWire drives, thumb drives, etc.

This program is designed with effective algorithm which conducts quick scanning of hard drives and it can recover deleted files on computer. You can resume process with the help of Save Recovery Session without scanning of hard drives. With the help of demo version of this tool you can preview the recovered deleted files on a preview browser before saving to a desired location in your computer.