How do you recover data from bad hard drive

The hard drives on Mac systems are very familiar to the users. These drives will store all the required data including software program files, user created files and the operating system. So it is very essential that each system should possess hard drive. And the systems can also make use of external hard drives for various storage purposes. There are multiple kinds of hard drive types available for computer systems and laptops, here are they: PATA, SATA, ATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives.

The hard drive data loss occurs when the system hard drive turns bad. Bad hard drive is one that is severely damaged and gradually affects the system performance and it will stop working after very few days. Here is one reason behind hard drive becoming bad. Assume that while using Mac system due to improper power supply to the system the system went off. And this repeatedly happened for most of the times. Then soon you solved the power issue with your Mac system. But this severely affected the Mac hard drive that is showing some errors now. The error message reads like “Drive is not accessible”. This happened because of continuous power surge that had affected the system drive. And the drive is been damaged severely. Thus your Mac system is not performing as it used to do before. Now to recover data from damaged drive you need to make use of recovery software. Here are the other such reasons that result in damaged hard drive and thus leading to data loss:

  • Corruption of partition table – The hard drive’s memory space will be divided into numerous sections called partitions such that each partition will work similar to operating system. The performance of all the hard drive partitions will be monitored by partition table. If this partition table is damaged due to any reason then the partition data will be lost.
  • Logical damage to the drive – On the Mac system if you delete any program files that are related to hard drive performing or if you install any third party software onto the system, it can cause logical errors and thus can damage the Mac drives.
  •  Bad sectors on hard drives – When there are any bad sectors within the hard drive, the bad sectors will increase according to the time and it decreases the drive performance to store and fetch data. Then gradually the drive will turn into a bad hard drive and it will die one day thus stops to perform completely.

If you are facing any of the situations mentioned here then you will face data loss due to hard drive damage. So how do you react with this situation? How do you recover data from a bad hard drive? It is as simple as possible. You restore all the data form damaged or bad hard drive before it completely stops to respond. Use the hard drive recovery software on Mac system and retrieve the drive data.

  • Recovers all the data from all types of damaged hard drives on Mac system (SCSI, SATA, PATA, ATA and IDE hard drives).
  • Effectively restores data like documents, files, folders, ant program files, videos, games, pictures, audio songs, etc from Mac hard drives.
  • Effective recovery of hard drive data having different file systems like FAT16, FAT32, HFS+ and HFS5 on Mac system.
  • Also recovers data from various devices like iPods, flash memory devices, USB drives, MacBook laptops, etc

If you are the one facing any data loss because of damaged hard drives then try using this recovery software and restore the lost data. This software is available for trial purpose so that you can practically know the software ability.