How to Create an Image Backup in Windows 10

win10Windows 10 is the latest operating system of Windows series developed and marketing by Microsoft Corp. It is more secure and having some advanced features compare to older versions of Microsoft Windows systems. In this operating system, there are many new features such as start menu, Cortana, Edge browser, Universal apps, Xbox app and streaming, HoloLens, Continuum Mode, advanced graphics, etc. User interface of Windows 10 system is very attractive which enables users to perform any task very easily. Beside these features of Windows 10 operating system, if you want to take the backup of any drive for that it also having inbuilt tool by which you can create image backup of a drive along with all settings, data files, system files and boot sectors and also restore them. Basically an image backup of a drive is the same copy of that particular drive which contain every information saved on particular drive.

If any error occurs or system crashed on that case backup allows user to restore the system its previous state quickly. Generally backup data stores in external hard drives. Now the question is how to create the backup of Windows 10 system. In order to take the backup of Windows 10 system there are some simple steps by which user can create image backup and restore them whenever it’s required. Steps are described below:

First of all connect the external hard drive in which you want to take the backup. The external drive should have sufficient free memory space to store the backup. After attaching the external drive, go to control panel of the system select “File History” option. At the bottom of next window one link like “System Image Backup” will display, just click on it. Create a system image utility will display, in this window you need to select the system drive, which you want to take the backup and external drive in which you want to store the backup. Once drive gets selected, click on “Start Backup” button. The backup process may take some time to complete the process.

Once the backup process gets completed, you can use it for recovery process. To restore your system, go to the Windows 10 Settings menu and click on Update & recovery. Under Recovery option, find the “Advanced startup” section, and click on “Restart now” button. After restarting the system, go to Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, and then choose System image recovery option.