Know How to Convert Offline OST to PST File

Microsoft Outlook is an effective email client application, which is used to communicate between different people or organizations to perform various tasks. It allows its users to work in offline mode i.e., when internet connection is not available by making use of OST file.

Outlook data file (OST file) lets users to receive or send email messages, erase emails, and other activities when it is not connected to Microsoft Exchange Server. After internet connection is made available, the changes made in the Offline Storage Table file will get synchronized automatically, when it is connected to Exchange Server. However, in some circumstances this OST file gets corrupted due to different reasons. At this time, using inbox repair tool scanpst.exe, you can repair corrupted OST file. But, if this inbox repair tool fails to fix the issues, then it is a major problem.

Therefore, to repair your corrupted OST file, first you need to convert offline OST to PST file and later you have to repair the PST file. So, you need a powerful converter tool to convert offline OST to PST file. Convert OST PST is one such reliable and most powerful converter tool that can effortlessly convert OST to PST file in few simple steps. You can easily restore all your emails, contacts, events, tasks, journals and other Outlook attributes, after converting corrupted or damaged OST to a healthy PST file.

Let us know some common scenarios where you need to use this Convert OST PST tool:

Errors While Synchronizing: Any changes made to the OST file during offline mode gets automatically synchronized, when network is connected to Exchange Server. If there is any errors during synchronizing process, then it results in the corruption of Outlook OST file.

OST File Header Corruption: Usually, OST file header contains important information necessary for accessing Outlook OST file. If this OST file header gets damaged due to some any reason, then it may end up in the corruption of OST file.

Abrupt Termination of OST File: If Outlook OST file is closed improperly while you are performing some action on it, then it may lead to corruption of OST file. It happens due to sudden power outage or else you may forcefully terminate it in hurry. As a result, your OST file may become inaccessible.

Other Reasons: Other reasons which are responsible for the corruption of OST file include Exchange Server Upgradation error, bad sectors, severe virus attacks, Outlook application freeze, etc.

To avoid these OST file corruption scenarios, it always safer to backup your Outlook data files regularly. Suppose, if you forgot to backup your OST file and came across any of these scenarios, then simply make use of Convert OST PST software to convert offline OST to PST file. This tool lets you know how to convert offline OST to PST file in few easy steps. It is specially designed and developed by a team of technical experts for converting Offline OST to PST file purpose. This tool is embedded with special algorithms that helps in performing OST to PST file conversion in an easy way, that too in short span of time.

Features of Convert OST PST tool:

This software is compatible with all Outlook versions including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. It provides an option “Find OST File” so that, those who do not know the exact location of OST file on their system can easily find OST file using this option. You can run this software on all the latest versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008, 2000, etc. This award winning tool can even convert password protected OST file to an healthy PST file in risk free way. It converts offline OST file to PST file on the hard drives formatted with NTFS, FAT16, ExFAT and FAT32 file systems.