Learn Simplest Way to Repair RAR File on Windows 7

File compression is an inevitable technique for saving disk space and sending a large number of files across a network safely. RAR compressed archive files can be created in Windows operating systems using WinRAR software. You can archive large number of files into a single RAR container using WinRAR. This RAR file can be encrypted and send across the network within less time. The person sitting at the destination of mail can easily download and extract the RAR file to see the contents of the file. It is a common procedure to use RAR format for sending multiple files together.

But in some instances your RAR file might get corrupted. Consider you are using Windows 7 operating system. One sent you a RAR file which contains some photographs taken by him. After sending those files he deleted both RAR file and photographs from his system. While downloading RAR file a network error occurred on your system. However you opened the RAR file received at your end. Instead of displaying contents of the file, an error message stating “File is corrupted and cannot be extracted” was shown. Is there any way to fix such error on RAR file? Of course, yes don’t get tensed, here you can learn the simplest way to repair RAR file on Windows 7.

Repair RAR software is the best tool for fixing RAR file on Windows 7. It can repair corrupted RAR file in a few mouse clicks. You can use this software for repairing RAR file on Windows 7 which is even protected or encrypted.  This software does not make any change to original data on compressed file. We can simply extract files on compressed file into a safe location. Anyone who has the basic knowledge of computer can use this software for RAR file fix on Windows 7.

Causes lead to the corruption of RAR file

  • When you are sending RAR files over a network, some unwanted bits may get into the archive. It leads to CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error. When other person receive this file, CRC checking happens. As a result a message stating file is corrupted may be shown
  • Data inside the RAR file may become corrupted if any downloading error such as network failure occurs.
  • Suppose the files you are compressing are infected by virus/ malware or Trojan horse. Even though one file inside the archive is infected by this threats, it may corrupt RAR file header and make it unreadable.
  • Suppose there is a RAR file in your computer, you are changing the file extension of that file. It may lead to corruption of archive.
  • While compressing or extracting, if the system shut down suddenly, RAR file may get corrupt.
  • There is a high chance for RAR file corruption, when you are upgrading to a new WinRAR version.
  • Sometimes during compression also you might get error messages because of logical conflicts or some interruptions.

Steps for repairing damaged RAR File

  • Download and install Repair RAR software on your Windows 7 system. It won’t take much time.
  • Launch the application and click on browse option to locate corrupted RAR file.
  • Press Repair button to initialize RAR file fix on windows 7.
  • Repair process start now and you don’t have to wait for long time.
  • After completion of the repair process, you can preview contents of RAR file.
  • Next you can select folder option to save repaired RAR.