Steps to recover lost images from memory card using memory card retrieval software

The memory card or the flash memory card is a storage media that has become the most used modes of storing data in recent times. This has been made possible due to the emergence of flash memory which has replaced the older physical moving parts like Platter, Spindle, Read / Write head etc. Absence of these parts made these storage devices small in size, hence making them compatible with a wide range of devices like digital cameras, mobile phones, gaming consoles etc. The ability to store large amounts of data and taking minimum space made it a hit among other storage devices.

Memory cards are of different types and come customized for the devices in which they are used. For example, most digital cameras make use of SD cards or CF cards, while majority mobile phones make use of miniSD or microSD cards. These memory cards are however frequently ejected and connected to the PC to transfer data. There are times when the user removes the memory card from the card reader when the data is being transferred. In such a scenario, the files that were being transferred could get deleted or lost, or the entire memory card could get corrupted resulting in loss of images. In such a scenario it is important to stay calm and use a memory card retrieval software to recover lost images.

Most users are of the false impression that the files have been lost permanently and continue using the memory card. It is important to understand that these images have not been deleted permanently and that it has only been marked as deleted. It is still possible to recover lost images from memory card provided you avoid using the memory card immediately and make use of a good memory card recovery tool at the earliest.